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My 521 Thread of what not to do to one.....


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Hello. Long over due on some sort of build thread. Anyways...

The summer of 09 I got the fever to get another Datsun. I ran across this site and 3TCgarage. My first car was a 78 B210gx. I loved it. It was a rust bucket but it was mine. Had a lot of fun in that car. It was stolen. I had a 81 rolla goon and it was nice. It got rolled. So I stared looking for another project. Was talking to a guy about his goon when magic happened. I was taking my wife to work and when I left the parking lot I saw a 521 for sale in the pepboys parking lot. After avoiding wrecking w/ rubbernecking, I got the number and called the dude. Met up with him later, and some greenbacks ltr, I was the proud owner of a 70 521!!!!


shitty pic....notice the club tongue.gif

The truck was lowered when I got it. New tires. Just louder than sin. Exhaust gasket gone on y pipe, holes all in ypipe and egr tubes open...

After messing with it and only getting it quieted down some, my hours got cut and she sat till may of this year.

Put a rebuilt carb from National(through autozone tho....was cheaper), and put tags and insurance on her and went and got some dirt for my veggies!!!


more to come in a sec...

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Top Posters In This Topic

The good...


Mostly complete





The bad...




im on the wrong coast :lol:

I rent

hacked out dash for cd player



Ive done some crap to it....matchbox dizzy, aftermarket tach(worthless), brake hoses on front, center console out of a 77 kingcab, lash adj, battery, plugs etc etc...


the rust sucks....its in the drivers floor....the worst is under the doors....both sides...p/o put duct tape over them, then painted the truck...jfc....




cool things...my truck has factory door sensor for dome light(dont work yet) and the h/l switch was gone, replaced w/ a toggle....I bought 6 swtichs and dont have one thats totally right, but now on first click I have markers and headlight...2nd click...just h/l's....in case i gotta get :cool:

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what else....had big oil can mirrors at one time....put a 210 mirror in some previous mirror holes....damn thing sets so far back so the wingwindows will open that its funny


my plans????to have fun with her...shes too low tho...got her stuck the first time I went to the cabin...want another 210 to slam and mess around with...truck for truck stuff...dunno....maybe another truck for that...


I need a l/f fender, tailgate, and valance for the body.....


and a good muffler shop here....NO ONE WANTS MY MONEY to make another y pipe...they all tell me to get aftermarket headers....I waved a stack of 20's at them trons and they still wouldnt budge...oh well...getting a plan



anyone know what that seats out of??? Its shitty put in...shot to the pan...

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  • 10 months later...

Wow. Its been a while since I posted on this.


Bought and installed the weber. Was around the time me and the wifey pushed the truck down the driveway to the carport only to find the brakes were gone.





So after I put the weber on, started working on the brakes. Now my fronts are new cylinders, adjusters, soft lines, one hard line(broke it) and shoes. Works well or as well as I guess drum brakes can work.




Did some other small stuff, new radiator cap etc etc. Then I put new channel runners in the window. MAN O MAN, what a difference. No more rattles.


Still have not resolved my exhaust issue at this point. Was December and It gets cold riding around with the window down, even with a great heater. So I bought a beater Eagle to drive. Was cheap and the gd air worked.

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Didnt drive the truck much this summer. It gets hot and sticky here in Gerogia so I was rocking my DD. Took one trip to the cabin in the truck and tooled around town a couple of times.


Last month, my Talon decided she was no longer much for this world and took a shit. So it was time to suck it up and drive my truck. Its close to fall and I can handle it once my body get used to it. Well, the worthless ethanol gas had gone bad in the truck. Drained the fuel and cleaned the weber. Fired off but the fuel line is a rusty pos. Ran a rubber line to the carb and is running ok, but the cell must have more crud in it.


Things ive done the last few days....


New front shocks!!!! My god, what a difference. The old ones were beyond toast. When I took the passenger side shock off and dropped it on the ground, it almost collapsed all the way on itself. Then adjusted the shoes.



Been really tired of the super sloppy shifter on that early 4 speed. Took the striker pin out and ran a nut n bolt in its place. Fucking awesome. I wont be grabbing my buddys leg when getting 3rd, 4th and reverse.


Then I went to work on the temperature gauge. When I got her, it would work at times. Then it stopped. Started by grounding the yellow wire. Nothing. So I took the combination meter out and had pulsing power to it. Cleaned the shit out of the contact points and it maxed out. Yay! So me sender is bad. Have one on order.


More to come.

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well i'll be damned. haven't been on here in forever and now i see another 521 in ga. altho you're actually driving yours. i'm so torn between dumpin some money in mine or getting rid of it, of course i want to keep it and daily it and it be awesome... but you know... i'm lazy. keep it up man, love to know there's one not too far away that's runnin around town.

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well i'll be damned. haven't been on here in forever and now i see another 521 in ga. altho you're actually driving yours. i'm so torn between dumpin some money in mine or getting rid of it, of course i want to keep it and daily it and it be awesome... but you know... i'm lazy. keep it up man, love to know there's one not too far away that's runnin around town.



Sweet, another Georgia 521! Looked through you old threads and the pics were gone. What all does your truck need now? Mine runs well enough, its the rust on mine that you said you had too. My rockers blow, p.o. pulled duct tape down em and painted them blue to match the truck. You know of any 521's in the woods your way?





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Got to pull the gas tank when I get up in the morning. The reason being, I had to stop three times today to pop the fuel filter out and knock the b.s. out to get some flow. Looks to be easy enough, four bolts holding it on, the sending wire, the fuel feed, the vent that goes back to the neck and the neck(which is harder than taco farts).


I hope to find it without much rust. Will try to clean it with the nut n bolt toss around to knock the crap out, but im afraid that rust is what im going to find.


On a side note, any other 521's have a chain that runs from the inside lip of the fuel neck to the cap? Never checked to see if it was factory or some bone heads dont loose me cap fix. Its ok, but hangs and scratches the edge. Not that my truck is clean, but it was when it was new.


Plan on taking pics because everyone here is a giant whore. Ill try to wear gloves tommarow. I hate having to, but to take pics, need the clean hands. Should save time, soap, n water!


Looking forword to working and to this weekend. Hope to have a swell one!



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dirt can go down the rubber fuel neck inside the wheels well and also water thus increase in Fuel gauge reading.


soemtime best to run 2 filtewrs till it clears up(lots of plugged idle jets)



my 521 had a bad fuel reading also/

the fuel sender the weld or solder joint(braze) broke thus causeing it to ground out inside tand. I jb weld it back together

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Just got to mess with the gas tank on my truck tonight. Had another post in the general about the cell, but Ill put it here as well.


Pulled the tank to find that at some time, someone had gooped silicone all over the top of the sending unit. This left me thinking its where my fuel smell at over half a tank came from. Plus water coming in from the bed access door and getting in the tank!


After getting the tank out and pulling the sending unit, we were left with what sounded like a maraca when I was shaking it. Was full of black chunks and what appeared to be rust. Here is a pic after a couple of swirls and dumps.




Then I took the tank to a car wash and sprayed the hell out of it and got most the crap out.




Dryed the tank, and cut a temp cork gasket to go between tank and sender





Put it all back in and the truck is running fine. Went 10 miles and not a sputter.


Just need to get a real gasket and some fuel line for the tank vent, had to use heater hose.


Need to change the oil and filter on Monday. Also need some screws for my rear view. Would be nice to use.




And the best part. I now know how I want to do my truck. The theme I guess.






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Wow, been busy and havent posted in a while.


Fuel issues have been taken care of for the most part. Tank is still clean and sealed off a whole lot better. Need to find a working sending unit. I belive I trashed mine when I was messing around in the tank. :o Lesson learned.


I also replaced the right front outer wheel bearing. Mine was toast!! Got the old one out and the new one in packed w/ fresh grease.



Then I went to the cabin. Its my buddys land on the river south of Augusta. Love going!! Its the only time I enjoy alcohol. The truck ran great, but in a stupor, got caught on something and tore the Y-pipe up. Bummer. Had to ride home on a Sunday morning, hungover and sour, with a nice loud pipe. I have been trying to get that fixed, but have not found someone to help me fix it. I have that solved(in muh hed) and it leads into more of the story. My wife agreed to let me get a welder, and then I got some great news.



This came up for sale. This is how she sits at my house now.






This is my plan now. I know in my heart, that I love my fucking 521. Shit hurts me when working on her b/c I do not want to fuck it up. So know I have a 75 620 that I already do like, but she has a couple of problems similar to my 521. Mainly rust. So now I will have a welder, and a truck to fix and use, but to learn on. And there is that L20b that the 521 so needs. Also just got a a87 peanut, that would just go on it so nicely.


Just so eveyone knows, I wont be destroying the 620, but working on my skills with her.


In case someone is reading this, im a bit confused. The 220 su manifold has 1.5 inch runners. The a87 has 1.25 in intake ports. I thought this was the combo on the sss motors in japan? They were runners that came over from japan. Ive found post saying that they have run this, but is it recomended? Im a tad bit confused.


Enough rambling for the night.


No wait. I used locktite on my weber carb. Used the low strenth purple, and mother fucker, its rattle loose twice. I said fuck it and used the red. It angered me.


And the tow dolly tire straps suck balls when the tires deflate on the way home.


Going to sleep so I can hit it hard tommarow. Taking my talon to the pull a part.





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Hey wayno, how much do you normally pay for a port job? Im not interested in F in mine up.



Got the 620 in the driveway. Sucks its dark, my 521 is dragging compared to the 620's stance. The tires on the 620 are huge as well.


More to come.




Seems like everyone that has even a basket 219 head wants at least $600.00 and then it needs rebuilt, I can have a W53 head ported and large 280Z valves installed for about $800.00 The last head I had ported/rebuilt, but left the stock valves in cost about $300.00, and now I regret not having the large valves installed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been a while since I posted. My 521 is running awesome, still louder n sin since I ripped the bottom of the Y pipe open while I was at the cabin last month. Its the price to pay for running low.


Getting super fuel mileage as well. 28.5!!!! That was all in town as well and turning between 4 and 5 grand!!! Love my four speed. Finally barked thrid as well!!


Worked on the new horse in the stable as well, the 75 620. Heres a pic of her on the dolly when she came home.




And a under hood shot once she got in the driveway.




Will go get some more pics of the truck soon.


Anywho, the truck wouldnt run and if it did, would die off idle. I took the carb off and cleaned the jets n passages, verified the acc pump was working and remounted the carb. Oh yeah, some jackwagon had stripped the adapter plate for the weber. Not only, but had stripped the bolt hole out and slotted it. Dur. Sucks the most because its the one piece adapter.


Its the lower left one in this pic. Actually brings up a question. When I worked on pinsetters, you always spoke of parts on the machine with the reference of standing in front of it. I know tires is in relation to setting in the vehicle. Didnt know if there is a set vantage point for reference.


Best pic I could get.




Still wouldnt run. Put e/i dizzy on from stash, borrowed the coil from my 521 and got it to run but like shit. Backfireing and smelled richpig. I put the carb off my 521 and it started right up on choke, kicked choke down and idled fine. Reved fine. Did want a little more fuel on idle, but didnt want to mess with the settings on the carb due to awesome running on the 521.


Havent had much time to mess with the 620 since, but am planning on it tommarow. The wireing on the alt looks suspect/hacked. Would like to clean that up.



Im going to go burn one and get some more pics.



Kinda disapointed in haveing to have a head ported for my hitachi su's. Wanted to put the su's on the 620, early L-16/L18 ex manni I have, and get everything worked out before I put the combo in the 521. Have a W-58 head on there the 620 now. Think the intake ports are 1.375 inches now.





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Oh, and think the weber that came with the truck is needs a new needle and seat. Would be nice to get the other outlet on it and hook up the fuel return line. Gets hot here in the summer.


Some pics.


Ratty interior.




Ok tailgate(bed is rotted out under toolbox)




Wheels it came with. Think it says Progressive on the cap. Dunno.






Best I could get. Getting darker faster and faster and colder and colder. :angry:



Anyways, going to go make dinner.



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  • 3 years later...

Wow.  Long over due update.  Lets see here...........


Since my last post not a lot has changed with the 521.  The 620 was parted out due to no time thanks to a plethora of bs in my life.  I was dd the 521 until march/april of 2013 when the water pump went out.  This also corresponded to my then wife being pregnant with my son.  The truck was parked and any time to work on it was beyond gone.  I did get 2 hours to start fixing it last fall.  I got the wrecked water pump out and then thinking "well Ive never done shit to the cooling system in the 5 years we have been together other than change coolant" went to change the thermostat.  The long bolt in the lower housing had fused with each other.  I ended up having to take both manifolds off.  Not difficult or that time consuming but a pain none the less.   I then and now work two jobs.  I manage a bar during mornings downtown and sling drinks at the bowling alley at night.  Between my son, work, the wife and life I was not granted time to fart playfully.  Fast forward to this year.  Im divorced and living in a house with a SWEET ass two car garage.  I now can turn wrenches any time I care to and not worry bout shit.  The best part is before I had to drag shit out for almost an hour to work then put it all back up.  I can get off from a 15 hour day now, grab a cold one, start dinner, fuck off in the garage and then set it down and walk inside.  Its a time saver.  Anywho, I just got the truck back last weekend.  And tomorrow I get the rest of my tools and parts stash back from the ex. 


So what have I done.....


Replaced most of the exhaust manifold studs as they were looking crappy.  I got some back in late 09 from ebay.  Studs look great, nuts and washers are a failure.  Hope ex did not throw the old ones out along with the fatty washers that span both the manifolds.  Find out in the A.M.  Cleaned up the gasket mating surface.





Cleaned up front cover and put on new water pump.  Its a shitty reman with a stamped impeller.  Its still a stock L16 so it will be okay but I should have spent the 20 extra rocks and got a cast one.




Started fucking around with the wiring.  Im a pussy and hate wiring.  But after reading countless threads the last six years im a bit more confident.  I unwrapped the end of the harness at the coil and removed the old dizzy wiring.  That leaves just the temp sender unit wiring.  I also taped up the other wires for the relay for the third gear switch.  All of this was just there before twist tied in place.  Im a lazy fuck at times.  If it aint broke.........


Above paragraph also starts something I want to do.  This truck was originally a light blue.  Its been spayed a dark blue on the outside and black under the hood and in the cab.  The shitty herpes fucks sprayed the black all over everything.  Brake lines, harness, relays and etc etc.  The spray job under the hood hasn't held up well.  Don't know if it was a prep thing or a high under hood temperature thing but the black is finally coming off.  It appears under the hood has been sprayed twice.  Once a darker blue then the black.  But the darker blue is not the same as the outside that was resprayed.  I started cleaning shit up.  Its coming off and its GORGEOUS.  I started under the coil.  I might clean up the under the hood all sexy like and leave the rest the truck ratty.  Or just do one half under the hood that way and call my truck some sort of warning child like the old "this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs" posterchilds











I also went around the truck and doused every bolt or screw I might touch in penetrating oil.


Things to do....


Brakes are gone.  Think the master went bad setting as all the fluid ran down the steering column.  Have a reman to install.  Front and rear has new shoes, adjusters and cylinders already(within my ownership)


I need the long bolt that goes through the lower thermostat housing and the long bolt that goes through the top of my new three bolt top.  This leaves me extra ports on housing for a aftermarket gauge and maybe adding the l20b bypass onto this one.  Im going by my old mans warehouse tomorrow to see if there are any on my l20b. If not im going to order some.


I need to drain fuel tank and blow out fuel line.


Change out crappy manifold for better one.  Old one has the air injection ports(closed up) and is a 4 into 1 design.  Better one is a true 4 into 2 one.  Im not going to run a dual exhaust but want this one on.  My old one some fool drilled out all three studs and ran bolts through them. :angel:  Does look heavier though.  Much more meaty.  Then weld up exhaust.


Finish going through wiring.  My fuse box was a nightmare when I got it and I made it a slightly better nightmare.  Im not afraid any more wiring.   Go fuck your self.


Im getting pretty drunker right now.  Im not very good at taking pics.  All I have is a I phone for that.  Ex got the other cameras. 


Have another valance and  520 dash on the way.


I will fix this in the morning.






Notes.  Need One manifold to collector stud and three nuts.  Antifreeze.  Three bolt thermostat gasket.  and whatever ex wife tossed out.  Print out wiring diagram  Blue wire with red stripe purpose

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