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  1. Greaser2

    Steering wheel

    buy the hub and mock it up to get the measurements.
  2. Greaser2

    Steering wheel

    A 240Z Grant hub will bolt on but you loose the horn and turn reset plus a gap. There may be others with similar issues. U will need to fab something to get everything working.
  3. Got a special project and need a 521 vent window seal for testing, prefer passenger side. Does not need to be perfect. Trying to avoid paying primo
  4. Greaser2

    1971 Datsun 521

    These pop up on EBay from time to time.
  5. Greaser2

    Matt's 521

    I did mine without the engine in it yet. Good luck!
  6. Greaser2

    Matt's 521

    I had to fab my own.
  7. Greaser2

    5 speed trans

    I did the Dogleg 5 Speed, its short but still have to modify the bracket. Not that difficult.
  8. Cut out the rust on driver side rear quarter this Sat. Welding went from bad to beginner.
  9. Good. Started a thread. 67 WRL411 Texas
  10. The starter was week so took it apart and cleaned up. Plenty of crude in it and the brushes were worn to a nub.
  11. I figured it would be less heat in the panel and reduce warping. Took awhile but I was working on several things also, learning metal work so feel free to advise.
  12. Welded in a patch were a PPO cut a hole for an antenna. Filler next.
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