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  1. I’m using 20ga. I bought a Vulcan 215 from HF. $1200 all in with gas but it will pay for itself on this protect. I’m sure this is a common problem, driver seat rear mounting floor plan hole gave in. Welded a metal patch underneath then welded the fatigued metal on top.
  2. My first rust patch repair. Give myself a C+
  3. It’s 5 inch long. Put it works, it the heater core I’m in need off.
  4. Greaser2

    521 Heater

    Sure, I bet the core is the same.
  5. I don’t see the core so not sure if it will fit DP
  6. Is this pic good enough? It is out of a 67 411 but they are almost identical so I think a 521 would fit just fine I have a hairline crack on one of the pipe ends
  7. Anyone have a heater core. Don’t need the whole box.
  8. Greaser2

    521 Heater

    Daniel, do you have any extra heater cores that are good?
  9. All the rage in the 90s. Will be corrected. PPO also heated the springs to give some 70s rack.
  10. 3 days weekend so got some work done. Interior almost emptied. engine bay emptied cept the steering box found some rust in the passenger floorboard
  11. I’m sure there is, I’ll look into that.
  12. Left is the roadster and right is the 411. The roadster mounts and spins the 411 engine, out of the car. the barrels are different sizes and lengths so I don’t see swapping the guts. This is in my sedan, the starter is about an inch from the stearing box.
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