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  1. Greaser2

    '69 521 project

    I would lower the jack too.
  2. In general. I us imurg but some use PB and the photos are blurry to me.
  3. Am I the only one where these photo bucket photos are blurry?
  4. Greaser2

    '69 521 project

    Silver mine motors has several options for disk brakes with no changes to the suspension. Pricey.
  5. Greaser2


    1200lbs seems to be the point I stop at.
  6. I collected a few.
  7. Cool. I got some M14 1.5 plugs ordered. Did u clean the rust before the paint?
  8. What does this thing do exactly. I’m guessing emissions and yes I cut it off the exhaust manifold. What a pain getting all the nuts of.
  9. I will feel better now, I used a regular o-ring plus a little grease but have been having doubts about it’s compatibility with antifreeze.
  10. I have a white knob but decided it would just break eventually plus the set screw was broke off in the valve shaft and I had to drill it out so went with this valve handle. Took the hole unit out, got the valve unstuck, cleaned and painted everything. The handle is from Hobby Lobby in the rustic drawer pull isle for $2.50.
  11. Greaser2

    521 Fuse Blocks.

    yes, it’s a word doc I can send you. IM me your email. Just print on a thick stock.
  12. Greaser2

    521 Fuse Blocks.

    Yes. Like DP, u pull out the terminals and switch. Only need to switch the the one side. It’s a little tricky pushing them out but once you figure it out it’s easy.
  13. Greaser2

    521 Fuse Blocks.

    I bought the wrong Niles and switched just the terminals from my original needed to the new Niles then made up a new label
  14. So I figure everyone has or had this problem so I wanted to post this brake cable boot I found that fits very well. My plastic slide grommet was still on the cable so that fit at the bottom great. This is a 60-93 Dodge truck brake cable boot. Cost about $35 and super easy to install
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