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  1. Cool thanks, when I get to the trans I will check all this out. Can’t feel any issues as yet. If I go with a 5 speed which I anticipate will be longer can I go to a single drive shaft or will there be clearance issues?
  2. Thanks. Not positive why my doors are a shade darker then the body but will fix when I paint the engine bay. Next project is reupholstering the interior. Here’s a peak at the materials.
  3. I did not, the angle looks ok to me. Anyone feel I will have issues? The carrier seems to be in great shape so didn’t want to jack with it. When I pull the engine and trans I can take another look. I may want to go with a 5 speed if I can find one and would expect some drive shaft mods.
  4. After 4 months finally got new wheels and tires done. Went to 4 inch blocks on rear.
  5. Same issue for me. Bought one of eBay and it was actually a bit smaller. Figure I will need to mod something.
  6. Finally got all the wheel in so I put on these front disks. Kit is from silvermine motors. braking is much better.
  7. Greaser2

    521 on BAT

    I sold my 280Z on BaT and I will say it was 100% factual. Yes, they wrote the add but based on my input and corrections. Was actually very pleased with their process. And I did get many questions from bidders.
  8. Greaser2

    521 on BAT

    Perfect Series 1 240z are going for 60K plus. Not saying a 521 will....
  9. Can’t disagree. These are 1950’s style smoothies. The tire was a mock tire and the tires I’m actually going to go with will be a bit taller and should change the look some. Also, the black on black is visually odd. If trim rings don’t change the look then I will likely change the wheel color to a grey or green. Got it a call that my last two rims are finally in. Will go get them Friday.
  10. Something else. No idea what however.
  11. Some time before winter I hope.
  12. Are u referring to the bulky original side mirrors in my first post? Their not in good shape so I took them off. If you want them u can have them.
  13. Yea, dummy me already bought a set of RHD ones.
  14. What are u using for replacement windshield wiper arms?
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