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  1. Good call C. Replaced the rivet with a bolt and I got AC.
  2. I used a pop rivet so it’s fairly tight. I could try a small bolt however.
  3. I just finished mine with new vent window rubber. The vents were flopping in the wind. Got it back together and tightened up on the springs till I thought they were tight enough but the vent still wants to close at higher speeds. Should I tighten more or is it hopeless?
  4. Greaser2

    Fuel Pump?

    I went ahead and removed the electric fuel pump and put in a new mechanical fuel pump. The stock mech was shot. Truck doesn’t know the difference.
  5. Came with the truck but I’ve seen them on EBay too.
  6. So, waiting on wheels so replaced the window vent seals and new felt in window tracks. Tips: remove all components except window before removing the vent window. For re-install, I put the felt up the c-piller side and top, then window, vent window, finished the felt down the vent side before assembly everything back together. Expert by the second door. No more rattling window going down the road.
  7. Thanks for the detail on the head. I was planning on hopping up the head a bit.
  8. Lots of plans, lower, front disks, duel Weber’s, and a dull 70’s green paint that will be sanded/cut through the layers of paint. Lowering is half done. 3” blocks in rear, reindexed 3 splines in front. Pretty happy with the look. Got some custom wheels on order for part two. One issue I have is the passenger side is 3/4” higher in rear?? Not sure if it the 2degree shims or a bad spring, had to pull the axel forward about a inch to get it to aligned on the blocks. Fat side of shim towards back.
  9. PO repainted the interior and reupholstered the seats/panels/dash. Pretty clean here. Had to go through all the lights and switches. You can see I fabed up a horn button, can’t find parts I need to fix but future project will be after market steering wheel anyway.
  10. Under the hood, looks 50years old. Can see original color, white and original block. Everything will be pulled out, cleaned, rebuilt, or replaced
  11. California yes, Eric no
  12. Bought this 1970 Datsun 521 out of SoCal after selling my 280Z. U may have seen it for sell. Plan on going through all systems, not doing a restoration but towards the ratsun look. Have been fixing the usual electrical issues; lights, switches, horn. First project will be the stance. More to come.
  13. Greaser2

    Fuel Pump?

    I did some searching and the posts are years old. It’s doable either way but looking for an opinion that isn’t 5 years old.
  14. Greaser2

    Fuel Pump?

    My 521 has an electric pump under the hood. Want to move it near the tank or just go back to stock. Plan on doing Weber’s. What do u guys recommend?
  15. Greaser2

    Broken horn contact

    Anyone used this adapter? I can’t find anything for a 521
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