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  1. What’s the dimensions of the unit
  2. 3 inch with the shims. Once I get the new rims and tires will get at least another 1/2 inch. I plan on cutting off the extra threads once I get “done”.
  3. Got the rear end installed this morning. Test drive later today.
  4. Waiting on a wheel hub seal to finish installing rear end back on so lowered my seat instead. Not sure what this bench came out of but with its brackets it was about 2 inches higher than stock. Removed the brackets and made new ones to get it lower and back. At 6 foot and 250 need every inch I can get.
  5. Yes. Twice. Once for the original and second for a replacement rivet. When tightening up on the spring it seemed to be getting too tight and didn’t want to break anything so I stopped that.
  6. I used WD 40 since I got multiple can but did this for several days. Cautiously twisted back and forth over several days till it finally loosened up. Patience is the key.
  7. Replaced the rubbers and cleaned everything up but the window would not stay open. I replaced the top rivet with a bolt and lock washer. Stay open now.
  8. Anyone know where I can get new axel shims. Several are split, I probably can reuse but...
  9. This looks to be an original spare. Bridgestone made in Japan. Any reason to keep. I wouldn’t want to actually ride down the road on it.
  10. So, getting everything broken down, having problems with brake line fittings. Seems I can get the fittings broken loose but the fittings are rusted solid to the brake lines so I can twist them till the lines brake. 3/16 brake lines? Should I just go ahead and upgrade to something else?
  11. Got the rear end pulled out this morning. New bearing, seals, and rubbers to add.
  12. I was thinking of modifying the air pump bracket. Thoughts?
  13. AC is a future project so will be following to see how it goes.
  14. Greaser2

    16x8 wheel offset?

    Just got in the 16x8 0 offset. Mounted 205/50 tires and the torsion lowered 3 splines. The 0 offset fit perfect. The outside edge is almost dead on with the outside of the fender. No clearance issues. If you like the tire to stick out, then you will need to go in the minus direction and there should also be no clearance issues. On the rear a 16x10 will fit but probably need a -13 to not rub on the inside and the wheel will still stick out about an 1.5”.
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