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  1. So a 3/4 slave for the 280z fits perfectly on the dogleg. The pedal is significantly softer now, surprised how much of a difference 1/16 makes.
  2. Greaser2

    My 1971 521

    It’s amazing the vent tube will snugly tap in, I spent two days getting it out.
  3. 5/8 as well. The slave is 3/4. I currently have a 11/16 slave.
  4. Yes, looking at what the master/slave setup is on the 2+2.
  5. So you have a Roadster 200mm flywheel?
  6. It is very stiff, it will likely break something at the pedal connection.
  7. Well that explains it. Since I’m not good at picking clutch setups, what should I get? Will I need a new flywheel?
  8. This is what I got, don’t recall exactly why other then I needed a pressure plate but it went in and works great. I’ve got 1400 miles on it and it has loosened a bit but still a pain. I’ve already added support around the clevis pin to keep from deforming the pedal. Perhaps a 280z 2+2 clutch is too much.
  9. Agree, just trying to avoid a new clutch/pressure plate.
  10. I misread most the time.
  11. Larger slave should make it less.
  12. This clutch is so stiff, reminds me of a Zbar clutch in my Z28. Currently have a 11/16 bore slave, could try if my 3/4 slave makes a difference. Does Datsun make a 13/16 or even 7/8 slave?
  13. In Texas u can get a Bonded title if you have a BOS plus complete the process. Not sure if Illinois has that.
  14. I’m in-process of preparing for paint, looks like factory was a seal on the outer edge of the hatch not sure about the body side. A PO added a new seal around the opening on the car side instead of the hatch. It looks like it would work, I can get a pic later if it helps. I haven’t looked for a replacement seal on the hatch side yet.
  15. Took me a day to figure out after u get the wheels aligned/parallel, how do get them both going straight.
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