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  1. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    Tossed a fuel filter and hose on it. Fuel tank looks good. Going to have to do something here I think
  2. Master-O-Turbonics

    620 longbed uk build

    nice truck!
  3. Master-O-Turbonics

    Chocolate covered circus peanut

    looks great!
  4. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    Yes but I had no other pan gaskets and I was itching to get this swap done. So I made it happen. Plus the 620 pan looks to have an good extra bit of oil capacity over the 521 pan. Gasket sealed on both sides with Hondabond, the best silicone sealant there is lol.
  5. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    Did things. Used a 620 oil pan that I had laying around and clean with a gasket already siliconed on to the pan... and it doesn't fit too well. Probably pull the center link on one side and air hammer the pan some. forgot to mention I put the motor in with a 510 trans, so i will go ahead and swap the yoke out from the 4 bolt flange to a regular slip yoke. This should allow the stubby 5 speed swap to just need some trans mount fab work, and the stock driveshaft should fit.
  6. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    Pretty much on the money.I'm worried about the L16 manifold moving upward into the Bellhousing because of the taller deck height on the L20... Maybe it's not a concern. The one you can't see is on the back. L series Bellhousing, trans filled with a 280zx gearset stacked on a stubby 720 4x4 output and tailhousing, and a truck input shaft/drop gear giving a 3.7 first gear and .9 5th gear. Don't remember other ratios but I remember 3-4 is a pretty big RPM drop hopefully it's not too bad once I get it driving. The 71c/b bell trans was swapped by someone that didn't clearance the inside of the case or overbore the front housing. Needs taken apart and machined. The 71b trans is sitting in the ka Bellhousing just for storage lol The vg trans is out of my 04 frontier because of the 5.3L/NV3500 swap.
  7. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    This truck actually has a complete original looking exhaust on it, so I'll swap the L16 manifold since in theory it still bolts up (will the L16 manifold/y pipe clear the block/trans?) I have issues keeping extra driveline parts around... Lol finally put my spares/ on a furniture dolly and strapped them together with a ratchet strap.
  8. Master-O-Turbonics

    The 64 Fairlady Daily Driver resto

    The diesel went to another Datsun owner to tinker with. Still have the spl310 but it's just sitting/waiting. Might build it with an L16 if I get some motivation.
  9. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    Not really worried about speedometer. Nobody obeys the speed limits and I highly doubt I'll be going faster than the majority of folks on the road haha. I planned on stripping the motor to the longblock and freshening up all the gaskets before it goes in the truck when I do the motor swap. The 521 currently has an L16 in it but has not run in a decade. I got it to run a little bit on brake cleaner and a matchbox dizzy but I'll leave that motor as a core/worst case scenario backup. I definitely have the blues. 3 light blue 1971 521's lol. Now 2 but yeah lol. Plus that corolla I painted back in 2011 lol. I may swap the Rock crawler doors onto this truck Since they are much more rust free, although one is kinda dented from some hoodlums.
  10. Master-O-Turbonics

    Driver 521

    So I bought a couple 521's a little over a year ago, on the same day in very different parts of Georgia. 521's are super rare here so I had to snatch them up. Ended up selling the truck in the back so I just have the one in the front and of course the Rock crawler that I'll never finish. Plan is to get this thing up and running/driving as cheaply as possible (Ratsun style) but making the truck better. Plans: L20B/weber swap (in possession) Stubby 720 4x4 71B transmission(needs final assembly) 720 fuel tank(in good shape) Go through the brakes ($225 on Rock Auto) Rewire headlights/horn/brakelights Install my freshened 521 bench seat Stop the rust/repair what is really bad (bottom of doors and under headlights) Some sort of radio/speakers whatever is cheap/free I purchased a L20B that was mounted in a 510 that came out of a buddies shop for pretty cheap. A couple measurements and it looks like a 720 4x4 tank will fit on the right side under the bed, just going to have to get tricky with the exhaust. This will allow close to 28 gallons of fuel with both tanks so it should get around 500 miles on a fill up... If the second tank fits.
  11. Master-O-Turbonics

    Clutch and transmission help

    the pressure plate requires a LOT of force to actuate. several hundred pounds...
  12. Master-O-Turbonics

    Lighten Engine Block (silly weight obsession)

    On the race car I worked on last year, we had one motor(SB2) that had 40Lbs CNC'd out of the block. It made a noticeable difference when corner balancing the car.
  13. Master-O-Turbonics

    resto-mod 521 buildup (goin tube frame now)

    need an airbox too... front end rear output flange view from transfer case / 720 4x4 tcase underside
  14. Master-O-Turbonics

    resto-mod 521 buildup (goin tube frame now)

    wrecked a car, bought a house, had a baby, changed jobs, and more so yea life has been a little crazy this year. exhaust mockup: http:// http:// http://
  15. Master-O-Turbonics

    turbo setup with stock su carbs

    I think you are on to something here...

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