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1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

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This is my KA24DE swap and 77 620 Kingcab refresh.


I've had this truck in storage for a while...now it's time to clear out the unit.


Truck as purchased for $100 a few years ago, it's been stored inside since then. Some of you guys might remember this one from the 'Dude leave a note' thread on NWDE.


















5-Speed and diff from a 1983 720 KC with the Z24




Got the truck and motor to the house on May 4th 2010.






Better shot of theKA24DE going in.



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Not sure why people used the tar based undercoating...it sucks. Whoever did it to this truck sucks...but, it's coming clean.






End of the first day of cleaning:




Fun shit...chemicals biggrin.gif


Now I have a set deadline, on May 13th I registered the truck for Canby on June 13th. biggrin.gif




My buddy Brad came over that night and lent a hand, thanks buddy. While I was scraping and playing with more chemicals he did some disassembly and inspection for me.


He pulled the trans off the motor and the clutch. The clutch looked brand new on the outside, but was nicely burnt in a couple places.


I got the flywheel resurfaced, a new clutch and gaskets and seals for the motor.


Here's some pic's :thumbs:








Got the trans and the most of the parts clean.


There was actually I nice looking transmission under 27 years of grime.






Picked up the stuff to delete the power steering.



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Made a little progress the weekend of the 24th...then I rolled it out of the garage and got ready for my annual Memorial Weekend Camping Trip.


Here's the few pics I took of what went down.






Had to pick up some more exhaust washers and nuts. Thanks for the nuts Frank. laugh.gif




Drilled the starter, both the starter and the trans are threaded....The next starter for it will have to be from a 720.






Removed the front crossmember and the center link for clearance.






Got the motor set.






I'm gonna flip the centerlink for more oil pan clearance. Looks like it will just need some slight massaging after the link is flipped.

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Finished up the motor mounts last night. I sectioned them and then dropped them 5/8". Then reinforced them with some 1/8 sheet.


Pics biggrin.gif


















Dropped my steering components off on June 4th, cost about $120. Spent $240 in nickle and dime stuff on the 5th. Had to get a truck slave cylinder as the 240 one puts a kink in the hose and smashes it against the torsion bar.


Brad came over ont the 6th and we got the brakes adjusted and bleed, nice solid pedal. New 720 accelerator cable is installed. Got the fuel lines ran at the motor, still have to splice in the new pump by the tank. Drained and flushed the tank and put some fresh fuel in it.

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Got the steering column and the idler arm swapped for the reamed parts (couldn't get the pitman off and I had a spare column). I only had to clearance the oil pan a little. Center link flip is a success. I also picked up a truck slave cylinder and hose, the new slave blew a seal as soon as I bled it.


Anyways here's some pics from the last couple days. biggrin.gif


Fuel connected to the motor




Drivers motor mount




Passenger motor mount




Titans...cause Nuff is a slacker getting me my 15"s




Looks almost stock.




Slave cylinder issues...gotta use the truck one...






Reversed center link taper




Steering column out.




New idler arm with reversed taper




1/4" clearance all the way around at full lock. :thumbs:





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Icehouse came over last night and wired the motor, fuel pump and fan in for me. Dropped it off at the exhaust shop at 11pm (way past my bedtime) to get a new downpipe made. Runs like a bat outta hell. Loud as fuck :lol:


Thanks again Jeff, you fucking ROCK!!


Edit: My stupid camera quit working last night, I'll get a couple pic's when I get it back from the exhaust place.

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Steve, That is one sweet job, now I have a pattern to go by when I get ready to do mine. When you get a chance I'd like to see more photos of the steering mods, that last one was a little blurry. Keep up the great work, I've missed your updates on the other truck, I've learned a lot from you. cool.gif

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Thanks it's been a fun project.


Made it from Marysville WA to Canby OR. 9 gallons to get there 10 to get home. My foot was in it on the trip back laugh.gif


Motor pic. Don't mind the custom ECU mount :devil:






Good solid little truck. Hauls ass.



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Ya the black truck I want to be perfect. Taking my time and doing it exactly how I want it. Plan to keep that truck forever.


This one I just want to run reliable and be safe for the next caretaker. I'm trying to clear out my storage unit and a few good parts are gonna go on this thing. Still a bit of work to be done on it. Disc brakes, better gearing, clean up the wiring and maybe buff the paint.


Good to meet you too Dat620guy, wish I had more time to hang out at the show.

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When you get a chance I'd like to see more photos of the steering mods.[/img]


As far as the steering...it looks just like stock only the center link goes in from the bottom instead of the top.


It's a trick the Jeep guys use to do the opposite. They flip the tie rod top the top for better clearance offroad.


Here is a link to the 'kit'




If you look at the installation instructions it gives you a good idea as to what I had done. I had mine welded up and reverse reamed by Randy's Offroad a local 4x4 shop in Marysville. Cost $120 to get it done there. I will probably just buy the ream next time :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

you throw this together in like a week!

Haha I just realized the pics make it seem so quick...It took about a month and a week total to get to the show. laugh.gif



I broke a rib a couple weeks ago and haven't got much of anything done. I did get a gas door though, not sure what happened to the original. :confused:


I also got my vinyl cutter working. :thumbup:






Promptly broke off the upper bolt, now I have to go by an angled drill...any excuse to buy a new tool is a good one. happy.gif


I'll be buffing out the pink when I'm healed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got some work done on the truck this weekend. Got some comfy seats installed. Took off the front plate and polished up the bumper. Also took off the rear plate and cleaned it up. Put on a new license plate frame.


First the seats. I took out the passenger seat and measured the difference in the rail width and length. Luckily they were only off in one dimension, so the brackets are pretty simple. Pics!






New vs Old







Cleaned up bumper and a couple of overall shots








New frame on the origonal plate.




Took a couple pics of the exhaust routing. It makes contact on the tranny crossmember, but it works for now.









...and finally a vid of it running. biggrin.gif



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2eDeYe' date='11 July 2010 - 02:34 PM' timestamp='1278880453' post='324089']

Which sale? This truck won't be up for sale until it's reliable and safe. There are a few more things I need to fix on it before that. I get to enjoy it in the meantime. :)


Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought it was presold. When you get it finished, it's going to be hard to part with, that is going to be one sweet ride. If I didn't have so much work in mine already I would be tempted. I have one side of the bed finished, except for final sanding, which I will not do until I'm ready to paint it. As soon as I can I'll get it outside in the sun and take some pics so you can see how it turned out. I have only one stock latch on the tailgate right now while I'm looking for the rest of the parts to put 720 latches on it with the handle flipped to the inside, I did bear claws on my 76, and it was a lot of work, I think the 720 latches will be easier. I can't wait to see how this one turns out when you finish it. cool.gif


PS when you get the ECU mounted, you need to change your avitar to the KA mounted in the engine compartment! biggrin.gif

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