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1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

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Yep just the TR3 by hand. Got the hood done, gonna get the rest of it shiney also. It really is pretty amazing the difference from the faded to the polished and I'm not even trying hard. I'm picking up my buffer tonight so it should get even shinier :D

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Got the OK from the Doc... smile.gif


Picture time...




























The dash was refinished by my buddy Brad. It's not 100% but it's not the trash that was in there either. I'm goning to have the door and ashtray painted to match. Taking my time and trying to let the paint dry on the calipers. biggrin.gif

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Mmmmm disc brakes...


Gotta pick up some new, shorter caliper bolts. But they still look sexy. wub.gif


Buh bye






Hello... :w00t:




Nothin like stock upgrades, the calipers and the lines are from an 89 Pathfinder :thumbup:




Wiring up the dash too...what a pain in the ass. biggrin.gif

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2eDeYe' date='12 December 2010 - 04:16 PM' timestamp='1292195815' post='391074']

Update...or should it be downdate. laugh.gif





Looks killer, If I didn't know better I'd say it wasn't the same truck! How about some engine photos? I hope you got that finished up too. cool.gif

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Moarrr lowwwrrrr :P


It's as low as I'm gonna take it. I got other stuff to do to it. Correct throttle cable install and cleaning up wiring under the hood are next on the list. After that it's time to replace the diff (long legs :devil:) and the carrier bearing. Plus drive it a bunch. :)

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I am having a fit of Dejavu..that looks just like your black one....Does look good, nice to see it up and running. Maybe one day I might have one of my projects on the road..!!!!


It's the wheels I think. Still cleaning the turbines between other little projects, they were Nasty. Starting to look good now though so we shall see.


Glad you guys dig it, gives me a huge grin. :D

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Some more KA swap stuff.

I picked up a pathfinder accelerator cable so I can use all of the throw of the KA throttle. The 720 one only used about half of the throw.


Next set of motor mounts I do are gonna drop the motor another inch as the clearances sucks right now.

Had to remove the valve cover to get the lower bolt. I replaced it with a shorter one to make the process a little easier next time.

Because of the clearance issue I broke the accelerator cable housing getting the valve cover bolt in, but it still works great and clipped into all the KA cable holders. smile.gif


Anyways, here some pics biggrin.gif












Installed a set of mudflaps I have. Someone cut up the original ones sad.gif






Drove it to the store to pick up the last of supplies for the Christmas weekend. Drove and stopped good, but the front shocks need some travel laugh.gif

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