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  1. Dat620guy

    this is for kamakazi620

    Since this thread is retarded and full of boobs. I thought I would throw in a pic of a pair.... Maybe this will help....
  2. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    I had no problem with you not wanting it. It's when other people talk for you and do not know anything about the situation. Joey just doesn't know when to quit. It is sold and I got what I was asking for it. It will be calling Wisconsin it's new home.
  3. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    Funny thing is no one called..... Everyone else did that was interested, so he didn't get my number right. Sorry you and whoever else are adding negative rep is so childish about this since it has nothing to do with you in the first place. It doesn't matter now anyways since I just closed a deal on it. End of conversation.
  4. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    And you know this for a fact.... you were there holding his hand while he did it? He never called or left a message.........
  5. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    Well if he really wants the car he can call me...... I work swing and go to school so I do not have much free time. He can leave a message or text. He knows that I let him know all of that.
  6. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    Also it's $1000. firm. no less.
  7. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    I tried to call him and he wouldn't answer. I have a phone and he has my number. From what I am told by other members on here is Dave is a flake.
  8. Dat620guy

    My Christmas present

    It has the Vortec 4.3 in it. It is a solid rig. I like that this one has the shifter on the floor to engage 4x4. The switches on the dash bug me for some reason.
  9. Dat620guy

    My Christmas present

    The odo says 170K but it runs like its new. It is amazingly straight and clean for the year. Power everything.... except the seats.
  10. I got a 92 GMC Jimmy for Christmas! Thanks to my Beautiful Lady.
  11. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    I can't believe it either. Well I am taking the trade offer out of the sale. So it's $1000.00 cash only.
  12. Dat620guy

    well ill be damned.......

    DUDE!!!!! That shit sucks man....Sorry to hear about this happening and so close to Christmas... :angry:
  13. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    Oh no a HONDA lol.... Well it's better than a VW. :lol:
  14. Dat620guy

    71 510 goon

    Also I am open to offers......and yes Corey, I know what your offer is..... :lol:

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