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  1. I think getting older was especially hard for him. I remember seeing a story about a year ago about him dating young women (in their 20's) and riding around LA on fixed gear bikes. RIP, Mork/ Mrs Doubtfire/ Patch/ etc
  2. That was a dope vid. Thanks for sharing it. Its cool to see how different people into this hobby view the whole process. And I happened to see it here and could care less where else it was posted. Fuck haters and post what you want, man.
  3. I remember seeing your truck near my Aunties place in Seward Park. I kept trying to catch you to chat, but then it wasnt parked there anymore. Hope you make it back with another truck soon, man.
  4. shes a beaut! those are mitsubishi wheels...early monteros and dodge raiders had em
  5. how much for the trans? local sale...i'm in seattle
  6. Cleanest in town! I have a customer who is looking for a truck. I'll show him this ad next time he comes in.
  7. has the intermittent wiper control box and wiper switch been sold? if not, how much shipped to seattle, wa 98122?
  8. OK...now I dont care where they come from. PNW or not, Im ready to buy a set of headlights.
  9. Looking for Ellipsoid Headlights in Seattle or PNW area. Lenses must be in good condition. Thanks!
  10. HELL, YEAH! Been waiting too see this one finished. You get those wheels finished/ mounted, Doug?
  11. thats beautiful! i miss my orange truck so much :(
  12. Bitchin wagon, man! Id get the pool ball threaded instead of epoxy-ing it on there...what if you need to get a new shift boot or take it out for some reason, later. :lol: youre a funny dude, hainz
  13. Haha, just kidding. If you see something, let me know. Thanks for being kind, yall.
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