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Truck or bug?

Truck or Bug?  

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  1. 1. Should I go for the truck or the bug?

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Alright, I've got my Baja bug which I've been driving for almost a year now.. kinda rusty and needs floorpans, I just rebuilt the engine and a lot of small things.


My dad has a 68 Chevy C10 long bed with a 400 smallblock he wants to trade me for my bug, has almost no rust... Thing is he gave 1500 for it and I've got 2500 into my bug now...



I'm not sure what to do as I kinda like both and could use a truck, I can buy a bug for 500 bucks from the local VW wrecking yard though and build me a volksrod.

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The amount he has in the C10 vs the amount in the bug is irrelevant; It sounds like the Bug needs more than that to get it to the shape the truck is in.


The question is if you want a 6MPG longbed truck or you want a baja bug. If you want both, and you can get a Bug for $50 and start over (if this wrecking yard bug has less rust) you'd probably be ahead if you just trade and get the wrecking yard one.

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After 36 or so VWs :blink: I can safely say that I have learned to love them...and hate them from time to time. Mostly love though...so easy to fix, maintain, modify, hot-rod and customize.


Rusty pans are a drag. Not really hard to fix if you have the time and the tools...do you? Even with this common rust area fixed...it's still a baja bug. Don't get me wrong, I've had like 5 of them man...I'm just saying that it's more than likely not an oval window stocker, or a split window barn find...it's not a semiphore car right? I would say that at 2500 dollars you might want to throw in the towel on it and cut your losses.


Old GM trucks are pretty sweet man...especially if you need/want or like an old truck. Seems like if it needs nothing and your VW needs work...after grenading the front hub especially...maybe trade him...as long as he totally knows what he is in for.

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Guest kamakazi620

I say fix hub on bug and trade for a DATSUN!!!!!!!!

If the chevy truck had a 230-250ci sixer or a 283v8 i'd say trade but the 400v8 is a parts motor (the blocks ALWAYS crack on those their basically only good for using the crank on a 350 ta make a stroker 383 and even those only get 9-12mpg)if it had the sixer or small v8 you could get 18-25mpg depending on how ya built it.

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I've got a roadster though, not really wanting to get another.. Trying to avoid the datto virus as I call it... You don't stop at just one :lol:



Thinking I might keep the bug and just volksrod it, I've already got the supercharger I planned for the datto adapted to work with a vw, though I really would like one of those fancy pants Z cars.

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I just cant bring myself to buy another 4cylinder truck, I had a mazda b2000 it was nice and all but I want a truck I can haul everything in lol



I think I might just keep the bug, I like it too much... I've rebuilt the motor and done so much to it already, seems kinda a shame to get rid of it.

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Get a hardbody with the V6. Easy to find now, still can be found with 100kish miles. Get one of the later 95-97 trucks for the new dash and better exhaust studs.

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i say get the chevy but im a little biased


my other project 1956 chevy 3/4 ton longbed (longbeds look absolutly BAD ASS slammed) 235 straight six with a 4 speed(granny low) and a full floater rear end i love this truck but its been put on hold for a little over a year (since the accedent and the 610 resurection)

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