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85 720 K/C..new truck for me

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Ok for the past few weeks ive been working out a deal with a friend to buy his 85 720. Tomorrow is the day ill be taking the truck to Arizona to get it tuned up & smog checked. When i return in a few days we'll go to DMV & make it official.

Overall the truck is in great shape. 130,600 original miles & everything works.

I plan on going with a late 80's early 90's theme w/ just a few basic mods. I picked up some Z 71 & also some 720 ST rims for it. Im excited seeing as ive never owned a 720 & the kool thing is my family all fits in it K a few teaser pics...




I had to have the exhaust replaced from the cab back...2 inch w/ a dual chrome tip..........



this is the 1st 720 ive owned & it's gonna be a fun truck :cool:

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NOOOOO!!!! doNT SEND THE PAYMENT! THEY ARE WACK WACK EACK EAKC A EKEEKAKAKK! Please!!!! ohhh nooooooooo..... I had some and I just recently gave them away.... I just went to the yard and bought the real deal. If they are made in Taiwan. Expect this.


They will fold in while driving, they will rattle, the base is made out of plastic and I broke one... Horrible.... Sorry.....


Well congrats on the 720. But that was for me 30$ down the drain.


I might have a spare... If you want it. More likely, you WILL need it.

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Don't know if you are interested but I have a set of silver 5 spoke Titans no tires. You could come down to Havasu and bring Mike with you. Check out my junk maybe do some horse trading and grab some lunch. Need to meet you guys anyway, whether you want the Titans or not

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Adam- i knew goin in they were the cheapo ones. Im sure theyll last until i can find factory ones.

84- should be boring the rims next week.

Nis720- the Z's are unbored, will be doing them myself with a router.

Bob- Thanks for the offer. havasu would've been kool. I actually have some 6 spoke titans that will get bored out soon.

I got back @ 3'30am Monday, the truck passed smog & now the fun begins :cool:

A huge thanks to Steroid, Bruce & Eric for all the advice / work done to the 720.

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ya its ok...lol...I dig it I had a 720 back in the day. standard cab I would love to get a xcab. Hard to find in decent shape. Looks like you got a nice driver there.All you got to do is put a sliding rag in the cab, and drive the hell out of it. You should polish up the ST rims and put those on, that would be late 80s for ya...

So are you ready to sell me the D21..its all lonely in the garage there....!!! I will even throw in my burgandy old school 620 in the deal...


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DUDE, rock those z wheels, althou they were not available back then, i say front the st wheels with 185-60-14 bfg's, and love those draggin flaps, nice score brother, go old school, chrome 4x4 720m grill, fender trim, need i say more... :cool:

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Dave- your 720 was clean. Id love to score a bumper cover/air damm like yours had. Was that a Stillen kit ?

Niel- i think your lower..but im havin the same down pipe issues as you [scrapes on everything]

Tom- The ST's will be on by summer. Found an Ebay store that still sells the fender trim & now ill search for the 4x4 grill :D Heres the interior. Ive just added the wheel so far...


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I am not sure of the make of the ground effects. I bought the truck off a guy who had moved from So.Cal. to seattle and the ground effects where already on the truck.He was in "Sweet and Low" in fact when he sold me the truck the Club logo was still on the window. I put the canopy on it and cut a walk thru added a system and a tv in the dash. then my buddy shaved the handles and painted it. interior was pretty stock except a grant wheel and prelude seats. That picture was from 1991. I drove that while my buddy built up my Mazda then sold the truck to a kid in our club. He moved to Colorado summer of 93. Never saw him or the truck again.

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Got busy today...wire brushed/sanded & painted the frame, axle, gas tank & leafs flat black...


& discovered the corner lights are chrome & had been painted over !! also got the emblems flipped over :rolleyes: ...


& i found a place that sells the 4x4 chrome grill so that may be next.

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