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  1. gman

    JCCS 2012

    Another great show this year ! Truck trophies...1st place, Right hand drive 520, 2nd place, got 2 trophies Mr Bigtankers 521, 3rd place Bre 510's 620 (Lawrence). Congrats guys .....
  2. gman

    mrbigtankers 521

    Congrats Mrbigtanker....2 trophies first time out is great !
  3. gman

    Introduction & my Custom 620

    I like your post time Moody....620 pm....Was that a plan ? Great to see you at Eagle Rock..See you at the Wigwam !!!
  4. gman

    JCCS 2012

    Registered this morning. # 98....
  5. Loving this thread as always Moises.....Looking good !!
  6. PM me Radim. I have a '73 harness...
  7. gman

    Back from the paint shop !

    Love that color you picked..Looks great....
  8. gman

    SWDP bbq 4th annual in Fontana CA.

    Big Dave, I did have some time to talk to Stacie at the Severed Ties show. He was on a tight schedule to get back home and did not have time to make it to the bbq. Really enjoyed seeing his truck after seeing it on Ratsun for so long. Super clean 620....
  9. gman

    SWDP bbq 4th annual in Fontana CA.

    Daniel, Gene, Tom and Nick. Great to see you guys at the SWDP BBQ today...Thanks for coming out !!
  10. gman

    severed ties show 8-27

    Looking forward to seeing that truck and meeting Stacy. I will be in GOEZ Customs booth at Severed Ties with my truck.....
  11. gman

    Fontana Nissan Car Show

    Nice job on the pics Drewsdime and Nis720 !
  12. gman

    Forbidden Fantasy truck club show Mar. 13 So Cal.

    Anybody have a pic of the Subaru that took 1st place Classic truck ? I never saw it !
  13. gman

    Forbidden Fantasy truck club show Mar. 13 So Cal.

    I got 3rd place Classic mini..
  14. gman

    Slam_Dat_Sun donation thread.

    Paypal sent. I am so sorry for your loss Daniel....
  15. gman

    Forbidden Fantasy truck club show Mar. 13 So Cal.

    Not just Ratsuners. It is everybody. They are not even doing pre-registration this year. forbiddenfantasyshow.com. I am in Pac....

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