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i gots me a job!!!!!

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Guest DatsuNoob

Yup, you read it right. I am now amongst the land of the working stiffs again. Start tomorrow at a shop in greenwood, at 9am. I am a happy camper.

I was just thinking about calling you, we have an opening sucking all the farts out of the old 707 seats

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Good news for me too. I'm training to be an auto-tech, but I'm more of a mouse-clicker rather than wrench turner. :cool: I just landed a job for JM&A answering phones and earning $12/hour ($4 more than my last job)! Here is a link to the company. BTW, it was voted one of the best 100 places to work for in Forbes magazine. :D


My new employer

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God I am SLOW.... I feel really out of place, but it has been 4 YEARS since I worked last, at least in a true job. 3.5 cars done in 5 hours. Oil change on a BMW, belts, VC gasket and PS flush on a corrola, and a coolant flush on a celica. I feel like I don't belong. There again it will take a while to get back into the groove.

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Congrats, Mark. Don't worry, you'll get back into the swing. Pretty soon you'll be bitching about the job rather than not having one. :lol:

already are gettin back into it. speeds picked up a bit since yesterday, hopefully i can keep the trend going.


Piano player in a whore-house?


i wish, but i wouldn't be there long as i cant play a piano :P


congrats, i am still lookin, happy for ya thou, it is tuff out there..tom


craigslist man, thats how i got mine. send in resumes and somethin will come your way.

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I am hopeful. I have a second interview in the morning for a job as a Marine Diesel mechanic. I had my first interview in early December, then heard nothing. Called Twice and left messages, Still nothing. Then I got a call today asking if I was still available to work. And if I would come by in the morning to talk again :D I have been unemployed for a year and nine months :( (Ouch) So I am hopeful that I will have a job again.

So good luck to all of you out there looking, Don't give up hope. There are jobs out there.

Thank you


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