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  1. My tap water has been out since atleast Thursday morning at 5 am. Last year the city made me add a meter and city water. They did make me remove my water tank, but the well is still there.
  2. Ug, so the stealing of hoarding stuff has started. I do the ordering at work,had the year use of masks and hand sanitizer (I am working off average need for last10 year's) = someone stole all of it from locker
  3. The smog stuff missing will hurt selling it in California, as it has to have all the original smog equipment.
  4. I don't know your laws in Tennessee, but I do know a way out of a non registered vehicle outside in California. If you green sticker them as off road vehicles, have too be in your name. I did this too my IMCA modified
  5. I am restoring for a customer = first racecar too go to Indianapolis with a seatbelt
  6. That is why I believe if you want to drive fast, get or build a racecar!
  7. The first chrome plated parts!!! I am going to chrome everything that was originally chromed on the super modified.
  8. This weekend at Sonoma County Fairground.
  9. Thank you, I haven't done very much wood work in my life lol that was the first time my wood router had been used on something besides aluminum. The moderm fuel cell will be safer for vintage racing too, I don't need a fire.
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