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Back again for the first time!!!!!!!!


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Ok so it's been forever since I posted on here. Hello again to all.. Dont know if any remember but I had the 67 520 with the rotary and the RHD swap. So a lil story of what has been up. The sweet 520 was sold a while back to a very happy owner here in Tampa. He is a fabricator and is blessing it. Here is a shot of the ol baby with its sibling( wrapped the altima around a tree one morning going to work ) ouch!!!!!



so then i sold the 520 aka Mad Cow and tried a few other things... car wise that is.... got me a lil vw. was fun but my fat ass was not comfy in it....




then sold that and got this. bagged on 20s.




but deep down i missed the heck outta my 520. so after spending the last few months looking for a replacement( and having no luck here finding one ) i found me another toy. its a 79 620. bought it from the second owner who had it since 89. drives like a champ. was doing 80 on the highway all the way home. interior is super mint with exception of the cracked dash pad. anyone has a spare for sale??? intact L20 with 5 speed. everything works and best of all it has factory A/C. A must here in sunny Florida! so now its time to start all over again...... here are a few shots......
















and today found me a nice shiny set of shoes!!!!!!




and here she is with her new sibling... 97 I30. I love Nissans!!!!!




sorry for the long story.... but its been a while.... hehehe......

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Duuuude Drastic!! Great to have you back man! Someone just revived the mad cow thread a few weeks ago and had us thinking of you.


Welcome home! It is hard to get the Datsun out of the blood! (Heh I just bought my second. A 1959! Still waiting for it to arive from NM.)


Rock on man!

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well so far i went thru the whole truck's drivetrain and its in great shape. brand new everything. brakes, shoes, pads, rotors, etc. even the master cylinder is new. the p o really took care of it. had it for 20 years and just stopped driving it a few weeks ago. he documented every oil change and even every time he filled up the gas tank. lol. all it needs is plenty of tlc on the body. paint is shot and theres a few rusty spots. but its never been in an accident. like i said its intact.... so i will start sanding and primering(if theres such a word) everything. drop it and rim it for now. gonna start putting together a nice suspension set up. dont know if im gonna bag it or coilovers.

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yeah bonvo, i have missed a lot. im sure i have my work cut out. i dont see myself messing with the motor yet. im happy with the way it runs. but i will be having something hanging on the engine stand.... with all the guys in my area running 240s, it will be an ez score on a ka24de. but not written in stone yet.... will stay nissan powered tho.


pacific i havent seen a window louver cover like that in over 15 years. the minute i saw it i knew i had to have it. lol. but i will let you know first if i decide to part with it.

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Thanks everyone. Its gonna be a fun build. I will take my time on this one though. Gonna try and do it once and do it right. will begin with an altitude adjustment. its in desperate need of one...


butcher you are next on the call list!!!!!


farmer be on the lookout. i like the wheels but i came across some billets im in love with. looks like these will be on the classified section soon...

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thanks makya!


well i decided to do small things to the datto while i gather more$$$ for parts. now the altitude has been adjusted. installed the original steering wheel, not that the grant wasnt nice, but the original is in pristine condition n its easier to steer.... and also installed a fosgate radio. also got my hands on a set of bars for the 4link with the bag mounts today for 50 buks. all thats left is get the bags.





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