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  1. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    well according to the tsb from nissan, engine numbers from ka24-012039 have the lower comp and the air intake temp sensor. my engine number is 028825w so i guess i have the lower comp one. and my ecu is a11b16g12 so it should work with mine. but i dont see an air temp plug. fml...........
  2. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    Thanks datzenmike. Im gonna double check the ecu. So I need the one fir my motor? The tps is the one im leaning to change.
  3. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    fuel injectors check out well. the tps/idle switch did come back with a weird reading on the negative side. gonna try and locate one and see what happens too. while at it, i will borrow a mass air from a friend to double check.
  4. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    i have a motor from an 89 240sx and the ecu is from a 90 auto 240sx. the one the the number 11 on it. i do know that there was a tsb for the car where they added a intake air temp sensor and lowered the compression on the motor. wonder if the ecu has to be from the same year car?
  5. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    hahahahaha yeah i hear ya. whats worse is that it left me starnded about 10 minutes from home. had to maneuver my ass home with it like that. not fun.
  6. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    maf is in the right direction, checked all sensors and the all ohm out within specs so far. i am using the fsm for the donor car. i have not checked the coil yet. guess ill add that to my list. i do have a broken ficd but i believe that only kicks in when the a/c is turned on, so i have not worried much about it. and ive noticed that when i unplug my temp sensor, it idles smoother than with it on. but thats also hit and miss. it does it whenever the hell it feels like. ugh....
  7. drastic520

    ka24e headache.. please help meeeee

    Well after much much pulling of what lil hair i have left on my head and checking everything a few times, i cant seem to figure out why my ka just wont run right. it starts well and then after hitting the throttle, it just bogs and backfires. sometimes it even dies. i replaced the 280z fuel pump with a brand new walbro so i know the pump is ok. has anyone had the same issue???? here is a quick video of what it does. any insight will be greatly appreciated. need to get it running so i can get my roadster next!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew-AXzQ_96Q
  8. drastic520

    WTB 6 bolt 200mm flywheel for L20b

    how can i tell which it is? i am about to let the scrap man take all my junk so maybe i can help.
  9. drastic520

    VW Radiator

    if you are willing to ship, i will take it. my zip is 34638. Let me know how much. I have the rabbit one without the filler cap but i dont think its enough for the ka24e for some reason. Thanks.
  10. drastic520

    hacked's 521 (turbo bagged right hand drive)

    this my friend is real sik work man!!!!!! Looking great...
  11. drastic520

    where to mount fuel pump?

    You said it!!!!!
  12. drastic520

    where to mount fuel pump?

    glad I found this. I finished my k swap only 521 and I'm having n issue with this. looks like the pump I not too good at pulling the fuel from the tank. wonder if I use a fitting on the bottom of the tank to feed the pump will help? that way it won't have to pull from the top. sorry I jacked ur thread man.
  13. if you search thru my old posts, you will find that I did the conversion on my old 520. It really wasnt that hard to do. I did use the 720 steering box and column and stripped it down. Then everything went in the 520. Tje pitman arm I cut and made one out of both. Worked very well. Just gotta make sure its welded properly and reinforced. Pedal placement was the most time consuming part. With a lil patience, anything can be done.
  14. drastic520

    J13 Fuel pump 17010-13901

    I have one laying around. Pm me.
  15. drastic520

    Ka24E swap done..... Its alive

    You will love it...... Man what a difference

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