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Strange Coincidence or CURSE??

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Today I was on my way to teach a DOT collector class in Hillsboro and my alternator took a crap. So I was stuck!! :mad:


My brother in law saved the day and gave me a ride to my destination, but I just happened to look at my odometer and saw this!! :eek:



It happened at 666000 miles!! :blink: Weird if you ask me. Nice thing is that I had a spare alt at home.


Anyone else have bad things happen at 666 on their odometer??

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coincidences don't exist although its easy to say "that was a coincidence" when something strange happens. Cursed, maybe, although they figured out that the number of the "beast" was 616 and not 666. Thought people are use to that number so when things happen like that and that number appears, then the devil obviously has it out for you and there is no getting away from it:D

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