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  1. LOL. your loss. Ratsun is such a fine community. I was just trying to help a guy out.
  2. http://datsunminitruckin.com/lil-hustler-decals_topic629.html
  3. After reading his other thread, he'd be more welcome then you over there any day of the week. You all can keep the kid stuff over here on the mighty Ratsun. I may have to buy one of these myself if you can put Ratsun on the bottom somewhere. LOL
  4. Big Mini truck meet here in the east. Covered by the Mini Truckin Magizine. Any East coast guys that can make it and represent for the Datsuns would be great, and I'd really enjoy meeting some Ratsuners. Here's the link, http://www.laydoutatthepark.net/
  5. Kids will be kids. Those of you on here that are ratsun to the bone and don't like the DMT are gonna do your usaull bashing and those of you who enjoy both understand where I'm coming from.
  6. Well, I'm hitting the rack, so you all have fun trashing me the rest of the night.
  7. Yeah its come from that, thats dam obvious, not the same
  8. Give me a brake, this ain't nothin compared to what I've seen on here. I'm not cursing directly at anyone. droppin the f bomb at anyone, bunch of hypocrites
  9. I did, show me where I copied that from,
  10. I've been a member of this site for a dam long time, so I don't need a welcome. And don't give me any crap about what isn't toterated on here, thats a joke
  11. Sorry there hardwyre, but the proof is the black lines around the stripes, thats DMT, and if you all think I'm being bitchy about it, your dam right,
  12. Typical Rathole bunch, you all just don't get it. Bunch of kids on here anymore. I know I'm gonna catch plenty from the regulars that have nothing better to do but stay here on ratsun 24/7. Theres plenty of other Datsun sites that have made their own design around the Datsun name to make it unique to their site, which I did, I'm not tryin to say the Datsun name is mine, thats stupid as hell. If you don't understand, I really don't care, bash away if ya want. Bring it on.
  13. Resemblance, lol, what are you smokin? You obiviously don't get where I'm comin from.
  14. Sure he did, I made that stripe design around the Datsun lettering, I know its pretty basic, but you want find that striping on anything from Nissan or Bre. Its the exact same as the DMT logo, so yes he did copy it from there.
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