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510 front end preference... VOTE!

Front end preference  

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bumper w/o "bumpers"


no bumper, add chin spoiler


I'm not a fan of bare front ends without a lip. In my opinion, the front end needs SOMETHING there, whether it's a bumper for a lip.


I'm also not a fan of air dams. The air dam just makes the car look way too boxy. Plus, don't they block airflow to the brakes? Air dams, to me, look like there should be side skirts/lower rocker panels, and that would lead to something like a rear diffuser in the back. Too much going on...

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Bumper for sure, now as far as airdams or not it's up to you but depending on air dam style it may or may not look good. I'm not a fan of the chin spoiler, looks like an underbite since it sticks forward...but clearly it's a personal choice so go with what you like.

My 510 came with a air dam that if it wasn't on it already I honestly would not go out and get one and just run it without anything but a front bumper.

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Having run a dime with and without the front bumper...


Your bumper is straight, pull the bumperettes and clean up the bumper. Personally I don't like that air dam, but a BRE chin spoiler would look good.

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