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My new discovery!!


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A friend of mine told me that on his neighbor's backyard, was lying a red SSS 510 '72 under a pine tree, I remember what kaiz told me a couple of months before hehe. I bought it for Q.2500 equivalent to $326US. It needs a lot of work, fiberglass work, the interior is rusty. It has a A87 head, ant roundtop Su's, the original steringwheel, but I didnt found the central cushion until I removen de copilot seat end underneath it was the original center cushion with the SSS emblem......That thing turned me very very happy. Here are some pics ot the car.





















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Yes you showed me that thread.........this car was parked for 5 years and the motor still turns, just the electrical system is messed up and it doesnt supply spark, works great. The next weekend I will try to fix the electrical system, oes anyone here has the electrical schamatic fot the car??

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Update #1



Cleaned both SU's, put some water on the radiator, changed sparks and wires, got points and distribuitor cleaned. Turned the key and the time it took to start was the time to fill the fuel line, its amazing, the best engine EVER!! runs like silk. Got a video, I will upload it soon.

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Yeah, my dad told me that, but I rather like to pull the L out first and then clean it outside.


Meanwhile I started to pull the console out, tach, speedo, everything out so I can leave my dad into the rust treatment and leave him a lot of space to sand and treat it with fosforic acid. After that comes the fiberglass.

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Your car is not a true SSS

Its just a SSS trim pakage that was sold. But still cool to have.


Yes its amazing how ez it is to keep a L motor running.

If you cant keep a L motor running that tells more about the owner than the vehicle!!!!!!!!


great keep Datsuns on the road!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Willys Jeeps also!!!!!!!!!!!!CJ3Bs(High hoods)




How can you can that out?............I mean no disrespect, but I wanna know. It has the A87 head, twin SU's with 220 manifold.....mmm what else?

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Your probaply is a SSS. But in the USA it was a trim Pakage.


if you have Dual SUs I guess Yes it is but most people think of the 2 door coupes as the SSS and dont really want the 4 dr ones cause most people can makes clones of them. But If possible to get now I would like to have one also(not rusted otherwise to me its just another rusted 510 and just drive them.)


Im Glad you got it running.


Maybe make it a African Safari clone!!!!!!!!!!



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OK, I see, I understand you. Here I saw once a Datsun with my stolen SSS trunk emblem on it. It was the deluxe version, although I couldn't recover my emblem that day.


Is there any information, like a data base, for the serial numbers of all the SSS made worldwide?

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