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  1. Oh NO my truck got spotted......Here's what it looks like with its gangster ass hub caps LMAO!!!
  2. I thought your truck looked familiar
  3. I saw this truck today it was in a garage over by the railroad tracks down Andresen/27th, there was also a yellow single cab (i think) chilling out in the street. Looked like soemoen was detailing it in the garage when I was driving by
  4. Sweet thanks, just one question he says use the white and yellow wires now would these be the ones to my stock switch? I'm aware my wires would be different colors I just want to get this clear before I start my wiring.
  5. Well I'm having head light issues (see pics) I saw someone write a how to on installing relays to help keep the draw off the switch and make the lights brighter. So if anyone knows where that post went please post a link or if you've done it please give me a walk thru. Thanks Ledevil Yes that's my headlight fuse :mad:
  6. Hey I lost your info can you give me a call if you still have my info?
  7. LeDevil

    Canby 2009

    Sweet Lynch give me a call I might be down for the Auto X be cool to see how me and my little coupe can do:D
  8. Nice car and welcome to Ratsun
  9. LeDevil

    Canby 2009

    Anyone from The Vancouver area wanna meet up even the guys from up north any of you wanna meet up and roll in one big Datsun Train?
  10. Flat black older Z on 205 taking exit 30a
  11. Welcoem to the Forum and that is definitely a hot color!!
  12. Sheesh! My rims dont look so good now time to get out there and polish those lips better lol :lol:
  13. Haha SWEET! Now I can re buff them with my drill instead of by hand dam does my elbow hurt still :( Thanks again Pac
  14. Here's the steps he gave me gotta look thru the pics http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=11833
  15. Thanks guys for the comments, I think when I re do them I will actually clean up the casting on the spokes they aren't as smooth as I like
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