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  1. I camber plates want...

  2. do you have a pic of your seats, or the link to the thread? I want too see that.
  3. The new item to my collection. The seller stated it as a 70's racing jacket. Im not relaly sure if 70's or early 80's but it doesn't matter, its in perfect condition and its pretty warm for the days here. :D Brand: The Great Lakes Jacket.
  4. He just love to pipe everything up, check this handle bar.
  5. this is what I see with this copper lines this guy is a joke right?
  6. I talked to the seller and said that the father had a Datsun dealer and the more things will come out! I will keep you all posted. Merlin, I will send you a PM.
  7. Thank you Merlin, I was expecting already a great answer from you. Yes, im buying them here in Europe, if you stumble with something you want, we can work it out to send it somehow. :o Really? that its even cooler :D Everyone can interpret it the way they want it, right? haha
  8. Well, I have been a bit away from the forum, but never from Datsuns, since I moved here. Im always searching for datsun stuff, memorabilia of collectibles that really catch my eyes and that doesnt go astronomically expensive. I found this things latetly and I would like to know a bit of the background, if someone knows it. The first is this patch, its a real over 30 years at least patch, because on the back side, the type of stitches is not like the actual machines and its old and brownish. The pin im not sure how old it is, maybe not that old but I like it, for 4€ is not bad. This is my favorite so far, a Datsun Kimono, I will ask the seller how they got that, but I think the sellers husband, owns a Auto dealer and she said that its a real 70's item. What does the japanese writing says, I have no idea. But sadly she couldnt find the belt. Anyway, im the most happiest datsun samurai around haha. I appreciate any info given and of course the comments :D
  9. Is the Matchbox in good working condition? does it nod? let me know, im interested on it. thanks.
  10. Do you have any other set of headrests beside those beige ones?
  11. If your lock has the same amount of holes that you need on both sides its almost 100% sure that will fit. I believe they are standard measures.
  12. I went to Real, a supermarket here in Germany and found this one. I need to continue my search around here.
  13. My brother travels to Japan in August!!!

  14. Hey Ben, can you make the shift knob shipped to 33172 for that price?
  15. Cool stuff you have up for sale paisano, i would love to have an extra fuse box, light, wiper and flasher switches. Lets see what the pocket says.
  16. No no, im sorry, the jet head would be the word then.... im pulling my hair about the stacks.
  17. Im still here.... :D

    1. Draker


      lol.. slight vay kay?

  18. Still have some 38mm stacks? an extra pair SU floats and a pair of feeders?
  19. Beautiful!! and gotta love the tons of pics!!!
  20. ^ Do you put a price on your Datsun....because I dont. ;) Well, gojira....I didnt knew you were here lol....when I saw the link you posted on facebook I felt like home :D
  21. Live, now from Germany, missing my datsun :(

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    2. Dat Lurka
    3. pl521sss


      Just when I'm going to visit Guatemala, you move to Germany!!

    4. paradoxx


      oh man....that is something im still sad of. I have to answer you email.

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