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Barn find 320


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Very cool. I see two rear axles are there other duplicate parts?


Body looks very straight and it looks fairly complete. This could be a great project for someone who wants to redo all the mechanicals and keep the paint/body original.

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Those are early Jeep axles. You can see the one on the right has closed knuckles and the one on the left is an offset diff rear. I bet the other pic with the two shifters showing is a Jeep trans and Dana 18 t-case.


In the bed of the truck is at least one 5 lug wheel.


I bet someone was going to build a mini crawler out of this combo. All in all, if I were going to build a 4x4 320, these are the right axles to use. Super skinny (like 51.5" front and 51" rear) and would look perfect under that body.


Also, I don't see any front suspension under the 320. Has it been cut out?


I would be interested in this project. PM me if it's still available.

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I am taking my already thriving custom vehicle business and cutting out the customer.  This way I get to exercise my vision and just bring the vehicles to auction or put them up for sale privately. I still have over a year's worth of work to complete, but I will roll out the new name and a vehicle to auction next spring.


I do love customers. I just don't love trying to convince them that my way is better.

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Key words - in spirit. That has always been my philosophy and most times I have to reel in the customer's wants and keep things simple. Nothing bothers me more than seeing all kinds of stuff. The whole package should blend together.


I once opened the hood to show one of my engine swap jobs to a potential client, and he literally didn't know that anything had been changed. That was the best compliment ever. Kind of like working as a spy and getting an award from the president, but never being able to share it because your work is a secret. I figure the right people know the difference and that's what matters to me.

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On 12/7/2020 at 10:18 PM, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Good question.


I'll have my people get back to your people with an answer.


I am joking with you.  I have a very high respect for you and your talents and skills.  Your knowledge in the automotive field is second to none.  The reason I do not work on other peoples cars and trucks is I am bad with dealing with people.  I do not have the patience it takes to explain to a customer why a procedure is done a certain for a better quality job.  Also I am not a person that can put some custom part on just because it is a pay day.   If I feel there is no benefit in doing what the customer wants I decline the job.  Like you mentioned I like to see a blend/flow to any work I do to a vehicle.  And like you hinted it is my way or the highway!


I feel with your client base your new adventure should be a good one but with the Covid it might be slow getting going.  I wish you the best of luck.  One other thing I would like to mention is the work you did on narrowing the 720 front clip to fit the 320 was the highest of quality and design to insure the safety of the driven vehicle.


Your sir are a visionary and a craftsman in the automotive world.  I can not wait to see your customs you turn out.


Sorry for the thread jack and rant

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Good thoughts Charlie!


It's crazy but I think folks that are working on cars are thriving in the COVID economy. The place that painted my 320 have every bay full and say they can't touch new projects for 6 mos. I'm having flooring done in my 320 and every upholstery shop in town is months out. It's nuts. 

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Thanks Charlie. I knew you were poking fun.


I am cautiously optimistic with the new business. I watch the markets and auctions and the very vehicles I am building now are selling for huge dollars. That works both ways though. The buy-in has also gone up. When I first started in this business, my average client was young and hard working blue collar with little extra income, but a love of their trucks. Now, most of my clients are white collar with a positive cash flow. That is telling in itself.


If I stick with what I know, I am positive I can make more money doing this than by working with clients, not that making money is my sole objective here. Ironically, it's absolutely not my main goal. I just want to build what I want to build. That said, I figure I can turn out three vehicles a year, and if two of them are Land Cruisers, I can have the third be something close to my heart, or something I have always wanted to build. I've always had a soft spot for heavy trucks (dually, 1 ton or more, commercial vehicles) but that market is so soft it boggles me. Nobody builds these heavies the way I have wanted to for years, so I might just gamble on one or two of these and see if it catches.


COVID has actually been great for the automotive aftermarket. I am saddened by what it has done to the people who have been affected, but I also don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Everyone I know in the industry is busier now than they have ever been.


I don't think this is a thread jack. The OP hasn't been back since his original post and has yet to reply to the message I sent him.

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Here in Phoenix the Covid has affected the economy in various ways such as unemployment rise, cut hours for many employees, working from home, small bisnesses closing, and the positives are less crowded roadways, stores, and it has really boosted the personal computer market. 


The cost of living is increasing.  The cost of food here has sky rocketed since the Covid.  It saddens me as to how greed is driving the cost of living up these days.  In a time when common sense and compassion torwards your neighbors should be on the rise. 

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1 hour ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

I seen one in Fifwe Washington and see this one . Im sure the one in Fife Washington wen to the dump.

This one will be on its way


The red one at the autobody shop?  Kinda near costco?   I remember that one from when I was a kid.  

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