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  1. Is the solenoid mounted on the starter or on the fenderwell/firewall ??
  2. ^ ^ ^ Damn, that brings back memories !! Owned two Fastback and one Squareback Type 3 VW's in the 70's. ^ ^ ^ Always did and still lust after a sunroof Knotchback. Those were great little cars !! Type 3 VW is what you get when a Type 1 Beetle grows up !!
  3. difrangia

    A Texas 320

    Dammit, Matt, now ya went and burned up a couple hours of my weekend time tieing me up on the net searching knowledge on the crossflow heads. What I've seen initially is that the MSX Crossflow head for the British motor is marked by Pierce Manifolds who many on this forum are quite aware of. Seems the heads are manufactured by PBS Engineering in Garden Grove CA. I became acquainted with Paul B. Swenson (PBS) about twenty five years ago when I started building a modified engine for our 1961 FIAT 500D. I believe that Paul has now passed on, but a lengthly phone conversation in the early 90's resulted in one of my FIAT 500 cams getting shipped to California for a reprofiling for $25 and a pair of 40 HP Volkswagen cylinders receiving extensive machining to fit into the FIAT two-cylinder engine resulting in 650cc. I could now kick my own ass for not gathering all my 500 cams up and having them done at the time. PBS was heavy into FIAT racing in the 70's - 90's and were Highly respected in the culture. The trinkets manufactured/modified by PBS are highly sought after now. They were also into Whizzer motorbikes back in the day. Not trying to hijack the thread but your mention of the crossflow heads got me going. Steve
  4. difrangia

    A Texas 320

    JJ, here's a link to brushes that work in that starter. I've put a set in the backup stash. Might find equivalent brushes in US for less $$ with a little searching. The ones in the Ebay listing are Lucas so 'Victoria Brittish' or 'Moss Motors' would have something Austin/Morris that would work. A good number of British parts will interchange with E and J series Datsun mechanical parts. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-1200-510-520-521-Starter-brushes-Japan-NEW/301903207304?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 The solenoid is a unit common to a gazillion foreign & domestic vehicles back in the 50-s - 70's. I have a brand and part number for the solenoid if you'd like it. It's been three years or so since I rebuilt a couple of these and seems like I whipped up some clip thingie from paino wire laying around the shop to hold the brushes out for running the commutator back in; Something that could be pulled out when the commutator is part way into the brush area.
  5. If you haven't already snagged the BlueHands disc convert, you'd best be making that happen. I believe that Mike recently posted ceasing his fabricating efforts. Just a heads-up.
  6. difrangia

    A Texas 320

    Good job on that fuel pump. If you need new valves, they're available from this Nissan supplier in Oklahoma City. https://www.group1autoparts.com/oem-parts/nissan-valve-17065m0110 Just keep plugging at that little pickup and you're payback will come later. It was year and a half from engine pull to the next drive on our 320 and I refurbished/updated almost every component except the rear axle and that is on the future project list. I plan on changing to 4:11 gearing for a little lower RPM - higher speed. Kinda like eating an elephant. Ya know how to do that don't ya ?? One bite at a time.
  7. difrangia

    valve cover vent?

    I can't tell, but is there a PCV valve in that loop-de-loop hose under the carb ?? Should be one somewhere in there.
  8. difrangia

    valve cover vent?

    Should also be a crankcase vent (Below the the intake/exhaust manifolds ??). Where's it plumbed to ?? This is a circular system and should have a PCV valve in there somewhere.
  9. difrangia

    A Texas 320

    Justin, I've developed an affection for 'Gunk Gel' engine cleaner for old baked on or caked up crud removal. Costs a little more than the other Gunks, but well worth it. Spray a coat on and let it set bout 15 min. scrape around the thick deposits and wire brush a little, spray on another coat of Gunk Gel, and pressure wash or make a run to the car wash. I could almost cuddle up with the E1, the 320 transmission, and the 620 5-Speed in the Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' clothes after that little process. This 320 floor-shift trany was pretty caked up on the top half before that little fire-drill.
  10. May be a case of the proverbial narrow borderline between Idiot and Genius.
  11. Tommy Ivo ?? Nice bowtie; Buick Man !!
  12. No food-based fuel goes into my personal old vehicles or small displacement machinery. I'm lucky, in that respect, to be located in 'fly-over country'. At least half a dozen stations to suck up non-ethanol fuel in an area of 25K population. Being out in the boonies has its drawbacks, but outweighed by far by the positives. For my hilbilly arse anyway. 'Let It Be' !!
  13. difrangia

    A Texas 320

    Quieter than a Tesla.
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