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  1. Richard, I have one of the tinted windshields that is from Ted's group-buy. Top quality sheet of glass. You'll have no problem finding a home for the remaining glasses, just the transportation arrangements by the new owners being an issue to overcome. Most vehicles that these fit are in another area of the country than you are. Possibly several owners can group-up and buy multiples and arrange someone in your area to ship them and share transport costs. You sent me one of the last from Ted's group buy to Oklahoma. Steve.
  2. FIAT-Abarth 850 TC Nurburgring; a tiny little torture chamber; but Oh So Sweet !!! 850cc = 51 cubic inches !!! I'd buzz for days after that ride.
  3. Messin' around in the 'ManCave' this PM & snapped couple of pics. Fiberglass mini whale-tail spoiler on 1961 FIAT 500D shaping up nicely !!
  4. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Matt, Damn, there ya go triggering fantasies again !!
  5. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    It's late MGA / early MGB that I got from Victoria British in Kansas. You can probably get same cover from Moss Motors. Seems that it was about $70 and the deluxe chrome securing nuts were about $12-$15. I also ended up getting one of the silicone gaskets as I went through two or three cork gaskets that all seeped a little oil here and there. The gasket was about $20-$25 but, I figure, worth it. I did mount the 'Datsun 1200 tag off the original stamped cover on the alloy cover. There was a cast in octagon MG logo next to the Datsun tag that I drilled a hole through to mount the ventilation tube in. I have a pic of the label with part number on the box that the alloy cover came in that I can dig up if you'd like it. I believe that I posted a pic of the label in my 'Mighty Mouse' build thread in the 320 forum here.
  6. Damn, can't un-see that !!!
  7. Wayno, are the decals on the heater in good enough condition that you can read them ?? I'd almost bet that they're not, considering the weathering that this pickup has endured. my pickup that is in decent original condition and another member here with a way better original are neither readable. Seems they were printed on a foil or mylar type base and didn't weather so well. Looking for a good pic of a pair of heater stickers to maybe reproduce. Steve
  8. ^ ^ ^ Nice Score, Wayno !!! ^ ^ ^
  9. This pickup is a prime example of mother nature aggressively reclaiming the elements from a unique and beautiful vehicle that is a bold statement from a turning point period in automotive styling history; the 1955-1965 time frame. The 'race to space' and developing rocket science going on during that period influenced the automotive styling industry producing all sorts and sizes of fins on the back, swept panels and chrome flashes down the sides, and nostrils and gaudy in some instances bullets and blades on the front with an abundance of chrome highlighting these features. The themes continued on the interiors. That might sound a bit too emotional or romantic way of looking at what to some people are just a means of transportation or tools to get a job done. Styling and design are two perspectives that I view an automobile, appliance, tools, or whatever from. Just a quirk that I have to live with. Enough blathering. Wayno, Is the serial number and other info of this NL on either of the databases of 320 pickups? If not can you post some information on this one ? If this pickup were not half of a continent away, I'd probably be in semi-serious discussion with the owner. It'd cost several times the purchase price just to get it home.
  10. Page 200 (PDF page #) of factory parts manual available at this NICO forum link: https://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/datsun 320 parts catalog.pdf Everyone with a 320 needs to download this PDF.
  11. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Just checked my wiring diagram and I don't believe that 320's had a fusible link or fuse for the main generating line. I worked a modular fusible link into Mighty Mouse when I cleaned up the wiring. I had changed to an integrated alternator. It's a Bussman FLB-50 and mounted via this little strip bracket under the edge of the fender top using two fender bolts right above the rear area of the battery
  12. One man's trash is another man's treasure !! I'd love to have a set of tropical doors with the wing windows. Costs too much to move them around the globe.
  13. Wayno, Looks good. That is the Ebay rubber seal that is in these last photos ?? If so, I'm ordering a strip of that sausage. OK Steve
  14. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Kinda like cutting the ring groove out of the top of the engine cylinders to get the pistons out the top.
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