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  1. difrangia

    Car Porn

    1948 Norm Timbs Streamliner Special. - One only - Straight eight Buick with two carbs. Timeless !!
  2. difrangia

    Noll saves a Subaru justy

    Find a good semi-rust-free AWD in west/southcentral US and use these to build a keeper and a nice parts stash. I had an infatuation with Justys five or six years ago or so. Studied them and visited a guy in Muskogee (Yeah, 'Okie from Muskogee' territory) who was big time into VW air-cooled till they became overly uncommon round here. Then he got Geekish into Subaru. He had a silver two-door Justy AWD with fabric slider sunroof that I seriously drooled over for a bit. It's now one of those 'Damn, I wish I would'a' cars. He's long underground and the cars are long gone. I did snag a 'super survivor' 63 Type 117 'slider sunroof' VW from him fifteen years ago or so. It's long gone too now. One of many I shoulda kept, but wifey says, "Can't keep em all" !! I'm longtime into FIAT so we got some common tastes; what with you and the Lada Niva and all. I love cars !!
  3. difrangia

    Car Porn

    Video segements on Youtube from Pink Floyd race documentary from ca 1990 'La Carrera Panamericana'. David Gilmore and Nick Mason co-pilot the two white Jags. Lots of 'Car Porn' in here. I recommend finding the full film and give it a view. Pink Floyd instrumental soundtrack shines !!!
  4. difrangia

    Car Porn

    ^^ Steyer ?? VW headlight units ?? ^^
  5. difrangia

    Car Porn

    R.I.P Burt Reynolds !!!
  6. difrangia


    Consider snagging a carb kit and rebuild the carb. Will probably measurably enhance the driving experience. Check the lube lever in rear axle. Get it running reliably and enjoy it just see what kind of relation develops between you and the car and gather up a few spares while you're doing it.. Start working on how to post photos. These Datun guys loose interest in a project pronto if there are no pics. There are a number of threads on here that delve into photo posting and someone will pop you with one before long.
  7. difrangia

    carburetor options for the J13

    I went back and checked my records & parts and looks like i reduced the main and idle jets on the primary side by two sizes. Off-the-shelf main was .140 and I downsized to .130. Idle jet was .060 & I downsized to .050. Probably could reduce the secondaries also. This carb will efficiently run up to at least a 2 liter engine, I believe. The only modification that I did on the 1200cc E1 engine was a .060 overbore and had the cam reground keeping stock overlap and duration and had .050 lift added (at the valve). I don't know just how a factory stock E1 in good condition ran (I drove mine, which was worn out, for a year while I gathered parts and info) but I'm very pleased with how it runs now. I dealt with Steven at Pierce Manifolds when I was doing this project.
  8. difrangia

    Turn Signal Switch

    I'm thinking that the switch is also used for right-hand-drive pickups also which may explain the empty terminal positions. I had mine apart also but that's been several years ago.
  9. difrangia

    carburetor options for the J13

    As Charlie69 posted, Pierce is THE source for Weber carb stuff and knowledge. Visit my 320 build page (page 6) for my address of this problem you have. To see photos, if Ur using Google Chrome, I believe you'll need to download the Photobucket fix app to see the photos. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embed-fix/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj/related?hl=en I drew the adapter up for the carb and had it made in machine shop. I mounted the carb backward to normal orientation as the choke unit will not clear the rocker cover mounted normally. The pierce manifold sets the carb several inches away from rocker cover so that choke will clear but on the 320 this necessitates blocking off the heat riser cavity in the exhaust manifold. I'm not sure how the heat riser issue is for the J13 in the 520 pickup. Seems that after I had the carb mounted I discovered that an adapter to Weber/Redline mounting plate for Datsun 1200 might work for you. I also jetted the idle jet and main jet down one size for my 1200cc E1 engine and it is doing fine. I could probably jet down one more size and be even better. You can get a master pack for the 32/36 Weber that has a variety of jets and other goodies for about $55 if you like playing around with it. Studs (5/16-18 NC thread) screw into the two lower tapped holes and through the .332 diameter holes at top (and into the manifold) to mount carb. 5/16 cap screws in the two counterbored holes just up from bottom screw into the other two holes in the manifold. Keep in mind, due to the sizes of the ob-round opening in the adapter, the carb mounts backward (secondary or larger venturi closer to engine) in relation to normal mounting.
  10. difrangia

    Turn Signal Switch

    The little housing that you mention that the bronze sleeve, spring and copper contact button mount in needs to be made from a non-conducting (electrical) material. the knurling on the outside of the bronze sleeve is what anchors it into the housing. It is the contact terminal for the horn and as mike said the copper button contacts the bronze ring pressed into the bottom side of the steering wheel. It appears to me that your plastic/phenolic housing for the contact deteriorated at some point and let the contact unit loose in the switch housing. It took a wild ride for long enough to honk the spring up as it is in your photos. I'd bet there was a period of uncontrollable horn blaring and choice language at some point over this in the pickup's history.
  11. difrangia

    Truck Porn

    Any links on that ??? I'd like to study a bit.
  12. difrangia

    Truck Porn

    1937 International Harvester 'Jungle Yacht' special build (two copies) in 1937 for Italian magnate Atillo Gatti and his wife for expeditions in the Congo in Africa. Mix up a good strong martini and settle in for this big slice of historical video:
  13. difrangia

    I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

    Notchback's just gotta have a sunroof !! I've owned fastbacks and squarebacks 35 years ago; never a 'Notch'..........Yet !! Forge on ahead with that beautiful little wagon, I'll be checkin' in from time to time.

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