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  1. OOOOHH !!!! Sex on wheels !!!
  2. 1953 Dannenhauer & Strauss Cabriolet; coachbuilt on Volkswagen platform. Approximately eight built.
  3. difrangia

    320 Part # Thread

    I figured this is maybe the best place to post this so 320 owners would probably see it. I know there's a Craigslist/Ebay thread, but I seldom visit it. https://www.ebay.com/sch/calminitruck/m.html?item=174102282507&hash=item28894e010b%3Ag%3AN0sAAOSwl2Bd1bmp&vxp=mtr&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  4. Great idea, 320 Newb !! Keep it simple.
  5. My country-boy fix. Polished aluminum. Seal material is Polyplank foam. The pickup is Floor-Shift. I developed a full-scale drawing/template for these parts if anyone wants a copy (PDF).
  6. Conner, see if this is what you wanted on the thickness question ?? Looks like just over 8mm , .320 inch, or just over 5/16". Depth from the frontmost surface of the boot to the forward wall of the base that I'm measuring in the photo is about .300 . I can measure the angle between the firewall and steering column if needed to verify the model. Fairly thick; This thick base where the column goes through and the grooved firewall base give the unit mounting stability when installed and the thinner side walls allow flexing as the cab moves around reacting to the dynamic forces that are part of driving around for decades that we never give thought to. It's in sad shape but might be helpful used with the computer model in helping visualization by someone creating a mold to reproduce them. Keep it in mind, it's available if these folks are interested in re-poping them after the vent window seals.
  7. Wayno, what you posted is correct. A large portion of my work career was in the aircraft NC programming and manufacturing industry and working with a particular part from the drawing/computer model through the manufacturing cycle to the deburring or final stage of the part before heat treatment and finishing (processing and painting). Left-hand and right hand parts is the norm. At least 90% of aircraft parts come in LH and RH configurations. This part would need to be made LH & RH configuration or a good portion of customers would be cut out of the business possibility. There are a lot of these little pickups and a few crew-cabs and vans/station wagons in Australia and New Zealand in right -hand drive configuration. I have noted a few Aussies here on Ratsun and there is a larger percentage of down-under owners over on Datsun 320 Facebook forum. For Mike K's thought on flipping the RH boot over from inside cab to outside cab for right-hand drive pickups, it would work in theory, but take a look at the bottom computer model that Conner posted above in the thread which is a cross-section of the boot through the steering column hole. The obround hole in the firewall that the boot mounts in has a lip formed around it that protrudes out into the engineroom. This is for strength and to prevent drumming action in that area of the firewall where the column and shift rod pass through. take a look at the groove around the boot where it mounts into the firewall. It is a L-Gtoove that allows for the formed lip around the hole in the firewall. If the boot were made thicker with a T-Groove it could possibly reversed like Mike K proposed. It would be up to the reproducer whether they wanted to make an opposite part die/mold to serve that portion of the 320 owners or to modify the design to have a T-Groove. There are quite a number of these 320's being used/restored down-under.
  8. This little feller is in a bit of a sad shape but he's off the pickup and available if it would help the project. Just my two cents, but as someone posted above, it should be re-popped with the column-shift shaft hole as a closed up depression so that it could be used with floor-shift pickups and the hole opened up for column-shift vehicles. Also the right-hand drive pickups would require a mirror image boot, I'm thinking. Quite a few pickups down-under.
  9. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    If your master cylinder rod has adjustment capabilities, lengthen it out a turn or so and see if that makes it any better. Also insure that your pushing the clutch pedal completely down. I had to do a little adjusting on mine when I first got it back together.
  10. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    This rubber vent insert is what goes in the adjusting window in the lower left side of the clutch housing of the transmission. This would be something to reproduce like the vent window seal. I believe that maybe this went away when Datsun switched over to the sheet-metal bottom-pan transmission in September 1965.
  11. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Mike, As I remember, the floor-shift throwout bearing assembly is completely different than the bearing and carrier assembly that you posted above. I'm thinking that it has a carbon insert and doesn't have a ball or roller unit separate from the carrier like the later floor-shift system has. This useful sheet is some of Kansas Andy's work. Most on this thread know that Moss Motors and Victoria British are Austin/Morris & MG part suppliers.
  12. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Here's link to a good build thread in which the trany removal that you're askin about was done. It's over on NICO forum with a lot of good info. This is by Andy in Kansas who has bout half a dozen 320's. Don't believe that he's on Ratsun. https://forums.nicoclub.com/running-on-a-budget-63-pl-320-t586738.html
  13. I made up a set of die-forms a couple years ago to form the heater elbows from low-temp heat-formable plastic. there is no heat on the elbow so it works fine. I got a brainstorm on this project from the medical field in the process of having a brace made for arthritis in the thumb. I made a small run of elbows and supplied several to other 320 truck owners. Semi flexible but rigid enough that it would be very difficult to install, so the elbow I made is two pieces that nest together allowing installation with heat/fresh-air units mounted in pickup. Original is rubber type material that flexes enough to install.
  14. Right, Matt. I'd guess that they are mostly made in India, China, etc., so expect low quality alloys and semi-crude castings and below-standard machining and fittment. Stand-alone units would be great if one has room & $$ to make it happen. I always fantasized Having a full panel beater shop, English wheel and all.
  15. You look to have a pretty good start on metal forming. What bead roller and shrinker/stretchers did you acquire ?? Eastwood ? You need a 3-4' leaf or pan brake to go with the machines that you have. I haven't used one but the combination brake/shear/slip roller machines might be something for you to take a look at. Just be sure to get one long enough to cover the longest project that you would want to do, such as the rocker panels. Don't know the nature of work that the fab shop that you contacted generally does, but they may look at your rocker job as just a hinderance to their normal business and quoted you a high price with an opening to charge even more to cover the interruption to their normal business to run you off.
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