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  1. 1961 FIAT Nuova 500 two-cylinder. Modified: 650cc & more.
  2. difrangia


    Wayno, middle pickup is a pre-320 model; right? Reason that I even brought the headlight rings up is to see if someone would jump in as having seen other late 320's with the streamlined rings. Next question was can the serial # for the wagon with the streamlined rings be determined to be an 'end of production' sample off the production line (it does appear to be a 65). What I'd be getting at is whether at the end of production did possibly Nissan run out of the regular rings and have to sub in rings from another 7" diameter headlight car to finish up end of model cars. I can't seem to refrain from quizzing the occurance of anomalies of vehicle and other mechanical devices, in particular in the start-up or end of production of a model. Guess it's just a quirk picked up working in manufacturing jobs over a career.
  3. difrangia


    Wayno & Brian, That's what I'm seeing. Wayno, you're right about the Chevy pickup light rims. My dad had a dozen of those 47-53 chevy pickups over the years when I was growing up, and the wagon rings do look somewhat like those. I'm sure that some other 7" headlight rings would fit or could be modded to fit without a lot of trouble if originals were not available or someone liked the rounded more streamlined look. It just jumped out at me from your pic of the wagon.
  4. difrangia


    This is a pic of my 320 taken not long after I acquired it five years ago: The rings on my pickup continue the line of the top profile of the fender out beyond the inner chrome ring that secures the headlamp bulb, with the inner ring appearing to be 1/4" or so rearward of the foremost rim or the outer headlight ring. In profile view the wagon looks more rounded off from where it mates to the headlight bucket mount surface to where it catches up to the inner lamp securing ring. The chrome rings on my pickup and most that I've seen on internet form a small hood over the top of the bulb. The rings on the wagon look to me like they leave the top of the inner headlamp bulb retaining ring and head up and straight to the back viewed in profile. Maybe it's just my ancient eyes.
  5. difrangia


    Thanks, Wayno. Cleared that right up. Those headlight chrome rings are different than most of what I've seen on pickups. Maybe goes with the 65 grille ??
  6. difrangia


    Pic posted on FB 320 page a couple days ago. Note location of 60HP emblem.
  7. The Yoda pickup in background at left of pic.
  8. difrangia


    Looks like a hood front chrome strip in pretty good condition. If that is indeed what it is and the rest of it looks as good as the part in the photo, it's a hard to find trim item. Prone to severe rust problems.
  9. difrangia


    You'll severely limit yourself looking for/creating a V320 forum or a U320 forum. Stick with the full 320 forums. V's & U's exist in extremely low numbers and there are a good number of pickups; 85% of the parts/maintainence issues are common in the 320 model range. BTW, nice looking and rare survivor you've snagged there; and at least one original hubcap !!
  10. U got Ur Sh1t together, Okie !! AMF = Addios Mother Fracker Harley people weren't so fond of the bowling ball years.
  11. difrangia

    New 320 owner, 62?

    I'm not sure about the internal threads on steering components, but I believe that the external threads, such the ones on tie-rod ends, ball joints, etc are rolled on and not cut. Less chance for stress risers and sharp inside corners which can result in a crack and failure of the steering/suspension system at speed. We got into a good argument on this in one of the Ford Festiva forums a year or two ago. A person would be well advised to also be very careful about welding or applying high heat on steering and suspension items also. Not that it is not done, there's just issues to consider well before diving into it. But to answer your question, most any competent lathe operator could cut threads that would fit by geometric die, solid die, single-point, or NC program.
  12. difrangia

    Floor Pan Repair

    Here's one thread on posting images:
  13. Kublewagen prototype ?? Wonder if anyone ever got sucked out of that back seat area ??
  14. Love that 'Greenhouse'; Glass out the azz !!!
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