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  1. Yup !! I wouldn't make a good pickpocket !!
  2. Very Nice !! How bout a couple of those eggs for breakfast ?? I'll take two; over easy with a good verde, an English muffin w/real dairy butter & four strips of bacon !! 7:15 CST too early ??
  3. difrangia

    Fuel pump leaking

    RockAuto.com Cheap enuf that you can buy an extra and put in the stash https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1978,620+pickup,2.0l+l4,1210149,fuel+&+air,fuel+pump,6256
  4. Over the past five decades I have subscribed to a number of automobile magazines primarily 'Road & Track'. Absorbed as much history and information on automobiles and some cycles from hardback/paperback books and ramped it up on internet car geek stuff over past twenty five years. More than a couple of times I've heard some the lower priced British machinery from the 1950's referred to as 'Tractor Engineering'. It wasn't really intended to be derogatory, rather an inference that uncomplicated, robust, reliable, and easy to work on was a desirable aspect of the designs. Much like the Model-T Ford in it's day. I'm not a degreed engineer but I wouldn't get too crazy with that 'Three Main Bearing' crankshaft. I'm aware that many of these engines were retrofitted with Judson, Rootes, and other superchargers back in the day. It'll be interesting, to say the least.
  5. The nut stays on the end of the solenoid shaft. The fork that pushes the starter drive gear into mesh with the flywheel gear mates to the solenoid shaft between the nut and the hat shaped washer. Take a look at this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Starter-Solenoid-ACE-Brand-Fits-Honda-600-S520/283535669980?fits=Make%3ADatsun&epid=76114239&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item42040afadc:g:0UAAAOSwtuFdEPZj&enc=AQAEAAACcIQvEcHUrT7nmUC3yY5qbPyaBN1nJEDYW8MyypsJPgXKVlA44ZLASBNW4fVOteB5X4CYymNR2kjfjlWuGXV5RpIFMAZXT0LCvbifJIRO333bLV93%2B64bSsVOCB36zMKT1J2MW2drcngP7vqkZE1VNBRt%2FhPa2%2FjghQEe%2F%2B5CXU5zfsyMH3xGicV5XPFB5nBCn0LP7U78YcCXiSy%2FPrApgsNBxAulwThCoVLfrVp8otrUdGVnlGXUlq5w1I4JmM1agIL5xNBsZj2XvyTxwnWLCNv9YsgsWrfmzhhlnqH8ZGn7APhftfYWVdIk7bBQ20pbaZPrwHMuO8u2Sl%2BRvFEoMgyH%2FKjtfc9nNZCT9FI4PViTAt84AqRFys73tQORdVxPsv4JYty1SecK2%2Bu6h93O%2BW9ATt1oh6UqiURJNJAcYsX0kJ6U2%2F4h91tqkgFtLsi0ssjsMkHempolo4MUIHh9AkvFR1QzsjuAjWOb1OVFVeqhwHx%2FW6JwS30%2BhGxxliIONQe0z5WTe4u39eq0YN7UbB%2FwPPRIFl0FD9d388HDygykHvtxfUJBaYCBz1gREUQI4X6KwBUtCu6dd4Ptdo92Hj9JK0zo3ypiS%2B1KcBYSLgDWLzXAoRViyJtqi3yvRpsUfOy7HobJM3NX1DJcUJFcTiMGiu8yRYzv6vvYDJ7wtVEVTydTtwHl1oqGkBsE6fK4jPwn9ZtoN7UyM0DaZBDjIXhXT88ENOHFG16FetA%2BXC4%2B%2B2n3aBBzHTGAQ2O3gwsku5ACXanqm%2F8%2FVVVhru6vueXeJRNzXuwjswBOp3seCIlDATHIhWstBpEDE%2FoPgCpNPw%3D%3D&checksum=2835356699805ec7971ff0674b7783310b9b9fe4debb
  6. Here's a pic of some of the stuff that I scrounged from Ebay and other sources over the past 6-7 years to rebuild a couple 320 starters. I'm sure that your starter uses same stuff and maybe you can corss-referrence some of the numbers. As I remember that solenoid fits some US starters from 50's-60's. You can see the brushes are Lucas, so that's Austin/Morris . Last time i looked those brushes were still available on US Ebay from Cyprus for about 7USD. stuff.
  7. Bottom starter in the top/bottom view photo looks pretty much like the 320 pickup with floor-shift starter except the solenoid position. The 320 pickup with floor-shift has same starter as the 520 pickup with the J-Series engine. If you can find one of those you could possibly build a starter using the solenoid mounting casting from your old starter. The steel starter case is approximately 3 5/32" diameter on the pickup starter and length from surface that mates with the adapter plate between engine and trany and the front endplate that mounts the brushes is approx 6 1/4. Problem is that the pickup starters are as hard to come by as the sedan/wagon starters. If you have a good armature and field coils, you can find the solenoid, brushes, and drive unit new online. I have some good pics of the pickup starter if needed.
  8. All the pics are there for me for right now, anyway; but I'm in OKlahoma !!! I may be 'behind the curve' ??
  9. Nice old survivor and quite a rare bird over here in center part of the country. You and the Goon will be a hit at the car shows when you get to that point. Be prepared to search and scrounge for parts from mostly the west coast. Ratsun 'Rats' have been very helpful to me over past seven years with knowledge and parts.
  10. I give, OK, how bout a clue. I see some Austrian Steyer and some French Saoutchik or Figioni & Falaschi coachwork cues in there. Even some French Peugeot. Then again, it could be an Aussie Ute built 'Under the Influence'.
  11. Damn, ya can get a carrier support bearing from Rockauto.com for price of a suitcase of decent beer. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1978,620+pickup,2.0l+l4,1210149,drivetrain,drive+shaft+center+support,12743 Scan through RA to see what all is still available for your 'Bulletside'. Online catalog is pretty easy to navigate.
  12. Hi, hope all is well. I have a 1965 Datsun 320 with the 5 screw fuel pump. I realize your post is over a year old but I am hoping you still have a rebuild kit for sale. I have already tried the Thailand fuel pump and it is terrible and I prefer to keep it mechanical if possible. 



    Keith Ducker

    Monterey, CA


    mobile 415-513-6695 


    PS -- I noticed your car listings and we have similar interests! I have three Fiats -- 1000 Abarth OT, Fiat 750 GT Double Bubble, and a Fiat 750 Berlina. And as for scooters/small MC -- I have a BMW C1 Scooter and a Honda 50 Gorilla (JP). 

  13. Yugo = FIAT 128, I believe. Brought to US market by Malcom Bricklin. My youngest brother had a red one that had encountered an engineroom fire. He fixed it and peddled it to someone else. Czech Tatras have always been my heartthrob car (T603 in particular). Lane Motor Museum in Nashville TN has the most extensive Tatra collection outside of Eastern europe.
  14. One of my 'Dream Cars' for a long time. Always had a affinity for off-center Italian & German machinery.
  15. VW Fridolin. 'Goin' Postal' !!
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