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  1. difrangia

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    Take a look here: http://www.zzxdatsun.com/catDecals.php
  2. difrangia

    Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades

    Day or two of inclement weather afforded me a few hours to get some of the re-plated items back on the pickup, so I'm posting a couple of pics. The cab lower B-Pillar trims, bed rails, tail light lower caps, and tag light housing set me back about $430. The rear bumper was about $130 about four years ago, as I remember. Good chrome costs, but that is very reasonable as they had to fix a few dents in a couple of the pieces. Bed rails are just sitting on for these pics, as I have to drill out a dozen or so broken screws and tap everything to screw them back together. Is this too much Bling on such a tiny pickup ?? I searched around on the big internet shopping center and snagged all stainless hardware to put the re-chromed stuff back on. Also found some rubber edge trims that seem to work OK. These guys have a pretty good selection of various small rubber edge trims and grommets, and rubber bumpers. Check them out: http://www.rubberedgetrims.org/rubber-edge-trim-catalog I used their 69P trim on the NL tail light housing and the 71P on the tail light housings. Looks real good. Steve
  3. difrangia

    Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades

    Paid the chrome guy in Tulsa a visit a couple days ago and picked up a bundle of trim parts for the back half of the NL. Oh yeah, came home $380 lighter, but the chrome is magnifico !! Bed top rails (4 pieces), lower caps for the tail lights, bottom trims for the cab B-Pillars, and hood front trim above the grille. Knock0ut beautiful quality. As usual, I coated the back side of all the chromed parts with zinc spray. I left the tag light housing at the plater to get chromed. Seems like I'd read that the tag light housing was stainless so I was gonna do a little straightening and polishing it myself, while the other parts were at the platers, I took the light housing off and stripped the paint off and it was ferrous steel, so I dropped it off to pick up later. Damn they do good work !! Pics will be posted when I get the goodies back on. I've got to round up some stainless screws, polish the heads, and replace about a dozen of the floating nut-plates on the body that the bed trims secure to.
  4. difrangia

    Jake's 320 Build

    I've read on this forum that there's not a lot to gain from a change to tubular exhaust manifold as at least some of the Datsun manifolds are fairly efficient extractors. Seems that some have suggested/used the exhaust manifold from a 520 with J13 motor. Paired cylinders with two downtubes that merge at the leadout pipe and clears everything, as I recall. If I were doing my 320 project again, I'd probably go with the J13 manifold. Just a suggestion. I believe that this is an example:
  5. difrangia

    More popular truck 521 or 620

    320's kinda strike me the opposite way. Looks to me like they make a little bitty banty rooster look like a great big cock !!
  6. difrangia

    More popular truck 521 or 620

    My brain gets mushy trying to pick one over another as all the Datsun pickups have their own special appeal. Kinda like the ladies. Or most of them, anyway.
  7. difrangia

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    What a beautifully sensual example of 20th Century automotive art/history !!
  8. difrangia

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    Say it aint so !!
  9. difrangia

    Mattndew76 - 1200

    Damn nice short Unibody Ford. Only made three years, 61-63 and my favorite grill of the three. All it needs is a 'Big Window' top grafted on. I've had a big window top-clip stashed for decades. I'll find the truck it goes on sooner or later. Those tailgates are hard to come by; Prone to rust badly. Big window Short WB Fords are about as rare as NL320 'Sport Pickup' Unibody Datsuns.
  10. difrangia

    Scooter Porn - Why Not?

    Seems that I've read more than a couple of articles/opinions that claim that Millenials are not attracted to motorcycles in general and bigger bikes more specifically than previous generational groups were. A bit harder to 'txt & ride' than 'txt & drive' ?? I sound like an old codger, no ??
  11. difrangia

    Car Porn

    1963 Nissan Prince Sprint. Like an affair with an elegant older lady. In a nice fitting 'Corso Rosso' dress. Racing red. Contemporary Italian styling influence. Magnifico !!
  12. difrangia

    Car Porn

    My favorite mid 60's Nissan. Only about 500 built.
  13. Get the radiator cooked out and pressure tested. Locate replacements and change-out heater hoses. Replace the tailshaft/driveshaft seal. replace throwout arm dust bellows. (available from Nissan)
  14. difrangia

    Photobucket & Ratsun

    Has PostImage gone the way of PhotoBucket ??

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