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  1. Nissan -> Datsun -> Nissan https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/04/the_coming_rebranding.html
  2. I can post a pic of my original mat as needed.

  3. I have a 90% + complete column-shift original mat for a model if someone comes up with a vendor than can reproduce. Floor-shift is another issue.
  4. I like the original rubber mats too, Moses. There more functional if the vehicle is going to be used regularly and at least lightly 'Worked'. In addition, like you've posted, the rubber mat is not available anywhere. Saying that, the carpets are just perfect; not too fancy, functional, and done in more or less 'period correct' material that is durable and probably easy to maintain. Sections can be replaced if some disaster befalls any area instead of the whole floor covering. Well thought out, Moses. Just like the rest of your little pickup project, 'Better Than it Left the Factory
  5. J13 and E1 engines are both SAE threads, so if the engines that you are scouting out are J13's, Identified by the cast-in '1300' on the left side of the crankcase above the fuel pump as you've already identified yours, then you have no worries. Sounds like you may be onto a wealth of spare parts if transporting them is not a big $$ issue. The only gear issue that you'd need to keep in mind, that I'm aware of, is the distributor/oil-pump/camshaft gears and it sounds like you're not that deep into the engine. I can't recall the point at which the change-over was, but it was during t
  6. The engine in the pic is the original E1 in our 320 with it's original head and with the MGA alloy cover. I'm sure that the Britt head will fit on your J engine. I'm thinking that where you have to watch out on mixing British and Datsun J & E engine stuff is on the threads and gears. I believe that the crankshaft stroke (therefore the engine block deck height is different; pistons are the same in E-1200 and J-1300) is the major difference in the E & J series engines. I've never messed with a J engine. Distributor is a 1978 Datsun 620 'remote module' electronic, as opposed to 'Matchbox'
  7. Someone has run that poor feller without water for way too long at some time in the past. If you do go with the Britt head, you can use one of these alloy covers unless you want to stay strictly original look.
  8. I shouda took more shots of the head when I rebuilt the E1. This is the best I could find of the combustion chamber & valves/seats right after I lapped them in after grind. Guides & valves were all new. I'm freshening up my 1600cc VW for the 1964 Bug right now and it has 12K-15K on new heads that was rebuilt 18 years ago. I'll lap the valves and see how they turn out.
  9. Comparison of clutch plates for 320 transmissions. column-shift on left and floor-shift on right. Note differences in diameters and input shaft configuration.
  10. Most larger cities have a shop that rebuilds/re-lines friction components (brakes, clutches, etc.). I used one in Tulsa about fifteen years ago to re-line the brake shoes on the little two-cylinder BMW 600 Limousine when I was refurbing the brakes/suspension/drive-line. These vendors service a lot of industrial and heavy equipment that off-the-shelf parts are not always readily available for.
  11. This data sheet developed by Andy in Kansas has some good information for parts for the column-shift 320 pickups.
  12. The first six months of 520 pickup and I'm sure that some of the 4XX sedans used the same floor shift transmission as the 320 pickup. You are right; 7/8 diameter input shaft with 20 needle splines and 200mm/8" clutch disc. I have the boxes for those parts in the stash and can come up with a pic with Daikin, I believe, part numbers. I had to buy a kit for the later 520 with the later floor shift transmission with a stamped steel bottom plate and find the correct clutch disc with the 7/8" diameter input shaft. The later transmission input has a 1" diameter input shaft with 24 splines and is also
  13. I was diggin around in the 320 links and pics that I have for the column-shift 320 and found this pic that was posted on one of the forums in the past couple years. The clutch disc in the pic looks right. Might find this Clutch-Pro kit on the internet or cross reference the kit number to another manufacturer. There's a web-address in the pic for Clutch-Pro.
  14. Matt, everything between the flywheel surface of the crank and the tailshaft is different except the motor mounts and the basic clutch slave cylinder though it has a different op-rod. Clutch plate friction surface diameter is 8" on the floor-shift and about 3/8'-1/2" smaller on the column-shift. different input shaft and splines. I've found a lead on a clutch kit for column-shift that I'll post.
  15. Column-shift or floor-shift ??
  16. Rusty, since you're messing around inside that engine, here is link to factory parts & service manuals for the 320 in PDF. Look on about page 34 for head torque info. I've printed them out and put in three-ring binders. also saved the PDF's on computer & data storage. I also have parts manuals for the 520/521 pickups saved. The 520 had the J-Series engine. The first six months of 520 production had the floor-shift transmission that the late 320's had. Only place that I've found parts manual for that transmission. http://www.nicoclub.com/datsun-service-manuals
  17. Matt, this might be the interchangeable page that you were referring to; http://www.farm.net/~mason/datsun/datsun-parts.html Mostly internal engine stuff. As Rusty says, he verified that the case is a J by the casting lettering behind the fuel pump. Main difference in the E & J engine that I've seen is the stroke. They have the same pistons. A-1200 engine pistons will interchange with E-series, but they have a shallow dish in the crown that will lower the compression ratio just a tad. I bought a number of NOS oversize pistons when I was in gathering mod
  18. I have virtually zero British car knowledge but I believe the MGA and early MGB are same/similar. Datsun built Austin/Morris cars under license in the 1950's and used a lot of that engineering when they struck out to break into the world automobile industry in late 1950's. I believe most, if not all, of the Britts had the two rocker stud retained cover. My pickup is a mixed group of parts, either at build or per previous owners. Pickup is a 63 build/64 cowl tagged NL. Has spin on oil-filter & two-stud rocker cover. I've got three oil pressure relief valves; one in back left of
  19. If your rocker cover is secured with the two rocker shaft studs, I'd get the silicone gasket for the Britt MGA/MGB. At about $22 it sounds crazy !! I went through three cork gaskets and couldn't end a small leak. Don't know if the silicone gasket is made for the cover with six screws.
  20. Measure and sketch out what you need and take your sketch and a tape measure and find a parts store that will let you go back and rummage around in their stock. Mind your manners and put everything back exactly where you got it and piece your own hoses together from parts of existing hoses. Use short pieces of tubing and clamps to piece it all together. This PCV hose for a 320 pickup was made from two moulded hoses. Sometimes you get lucky and you can find a hose and cut what you need out of one hose. Develop a good relation with a parts store and you're home free on future projects. I've done
  21. The Czech Tatra in that link is the one that blew me away !! I dream of Tatra T-603's and Steyer-Puch Haflingers. If you don't know those mechanical marvels, look 'em up. Thanx, Matt, Haflinger or 'Big Brother' Pinzgauer is your type of machinery !!
  22. Look on the bright side; it's loaded with that 'Killer Patina' so many are always envious of.
  23. Watz the story on that red NL ??
  24. Your Bug's a rag-top. neat. I also have a 64 with rag-top sunroof; and an NL. You have good tastes in machinery, my man !! That's a heck of a nice survivor NL !!
  25. difrangia

    dash color

    I redid the gages on our 320 several years ago and this is the result. I had an original gage surround scanned and matched and this is what I came up with: This is the match that my guys found in Martin Senyour paint.
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