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  1. Yellow metal safe only
  2. I only replaced the cup. I greased it up a little and it slipped right on. I searched high and low for a pump rod but couldn't find a replacement. On the rod, the size and hole placements for the linkage and spring look unique. I had two carb parts stores looking and they couldn't find anything. I didn't replace the spring above the pump but that's a common piece and the 320 pump comes apart easily with the removal of a pin.
  3. Quadrajet Accelerator Pump Cup, Double Lip 21/32" Ethanol Resistant https://quadrajetparts.com/accelerator-pump-double-2132-ethanol-resistant-p-456.html
  4. Nikki carb update: The blue plunger cup I posted was the ticket. Nikki carb is back in business. Truck is running well.
  5. I got a wild hair to get a factory Nikki carb back in the game so I found a replacement plunger for the accelerator pump, blew it all out with compressed air and carb cleaner, and cut a new top gasket. I'll swap it in and see how it goes tomorrow. Here's the plunger I swapped in: https://www.ebay.com/itm/113598974867 For the record I've been running a J15 carb off eBay and it runs/idles super well. I have the adjustments dialed in and it sounds like a sewing machine. I'm probably stupid for spending so much time on the Nikki and there's about a 70% I'll put the J15 carb back o
  6. I did another run of 320 heater box stickers. Recreated to factory spec, very nice. This is the last time I'll print them, when they're gone they're gone. $8 per set. Two sets for $10 which includes shipping to US. Add $2 for international shipping.
  7. That's Jakes pic and Jake's rose bush. Both are very nice.
  8. Jake came through with dead-ringer 320 hubcaps in stainless--better than OEM. He sells them raw so you need to polish them up but they're beautiful and they won't pit or rust. Cheaper than what it costs to have a factory set rechromed.
  9. 320 Newb

    Auto for 320

    A 520 with AC is awesome.
  10. How about a little water pump RTV?
  11. Anyone interested in a repop of the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) 320 badge with fresh chrome and fresh enamel. They'll be about $100 a set which includes shipping. It's a very unique piece and the cost is less than paying for new chrome and paint on a factory set of 60HP badges. PS stands for PferdStarke which is German for horse power. But I have no idea who did the math that converts 60HP to 55PS. When I use a converter online I get 59.1792 PS. Does anyone know what the deal is?
  12. Is anyone interested in heater stickers if I do another run? A couple people requested them so I'm gauging interest. If I can cover my costs I'll print up another batch.
  13. Has anyone used an MG generator on a 320? They look similar just different style connectors. Here's a link to an inexpensive one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265097665933
  14. Just an update on 320 hubcaps... Jake Makes went and saw the first sample and they look really good and fit tight on the stock wheel nubs. They're stainless and a polished set will run about $350.
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