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  1. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Perfect! I even have a new grommet for that hole!
  2. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Where does the speedometer cable travel to get into the cab and to the instrument cluster? Does it go up into the engine bay and poke back through the firewall?
  3. I sacrificed my piece of rubber and to see if it was the back or screen that pushed it up and it is 100% the screen part.
  4. That pic of your stock screen is really useful you can see how low that flap rides.
  5. Thanks Wayno this is a huge help! I fought with my hood seams/gaps last night installing that rubber. I'm going to try and trim my rubber which will either ruin a $10 piece of rubber or work out. Kind of a coin toss but I'm gonna try.
  6. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    I got that great piece of rubber today and thought I had it figured out but it rides to high across the front of the vent and it pushes up the sides of the hood when it's closed. I have fresh paint so I don't want to bend that sheetmetal piece up. I just rode it across the top of the channel. I'm going to think on it and see if there's a way I can modify the rubber to let it ride maybe a 1/4" lower.
  7. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    $7 shipped. The original image came from Steve's NL.
  8. It sounds like there's enough interest for me to do a run. They'd be $40 each, shipped to US, $45 shipped international. Gene Knight if you buy 3 I'll go $30 a piece. I'm not going to ask for money until I have them in hand but payment would be via PayPal. I'll send them out after payment confirmation comes in. If someone can double check these dimensions that'd be great: 3.910" by 2.705" If someone could get me the hole spacing measurement off the engine bay that'd also be helpful.
  9. It'd be printed by a trophy company so I know it's metal. I assume aluminum but I'm not sure. The size of the plate is: 3.910 wide by 2.705 tall
  10. Here's a draft. Is there anything I should change? Would anyone be interested in purchasing one for $40 shipped to the US?
  11. So if I print blank plates it sounds like I should leave the space before the 521 in the Type field blank for people to stamp how they want. And leave the Engine No. area blank for people to stamp that how they want as well. I'll work on a draft and post it up for feedback.
  12. Thanks Greaser2! I'm not a 521 guy so forgive me if this is a dumb question but didn't 521s come with a few different motor types not just L16s? Like J motors? Are the plates printed differently for those trucks? Also what does the PL stand for? Are all 521 plates printed with the PL prefix on the 521?
  13. I did a run of blank 320 VIN plates because I needed one for my build and thought others might as well. If there's enough interest I'd be happy to do a run of 521 blanks as well. Below is a stock 320 plate and the blank repop above it. It's made from a high res scan so it's not an approximation made with modern fonts. It's about as close to a stock plate as you can get printed by a local trophy shop. If anyone's interested let me know. Also if anyone can post pics stock 521 VIN plates in this thread that'd be amazing.
  14. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Sorry for all the spam. I made these based on the sticker off of Steve's NL320. They come back from the printer on Tuesday. They're printed on vinyl not paper for longevity. Same type of sticker as the tune up spec stickers I just made.
  15. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    I'm thinking of doing another run of blank 320 VIN plates. Anyone interested? Shipped to US for $40 I think the quality is pretty good. I made high a high resolution scan of a VIN plate and blanked it out in Photoshop. It's a direct copy not an approximation with modern fonts.
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