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  1. 320 Newb

    dash color

    I didn't know you had an NL. What happened to it?
  2. 320 Newb

    dash color

    The gauge surround is really hard to paint match. It's like a pewter grey with a slight touch of metallic. But everything I've tried is either too metallic or not metalic at all. I just got a second surround from Ted H so I can experiment a little.
  3. Maybe I don't understand but your temp gauge sounds right to me and the rising then dropping reflects your thermostat opening. With your carb issue is your glass bowl filling up and staying full over night? I'd check all your fuel lines for leaks and maybe put a new diaphragm in your fuel pump. Do maybe your fuel lines empty out over night?
  4. Great advice, thanks. I'd say mine goes up to 90%+ or so but maybe that's just the way it's supposed to be. I'm always a little dissatisfied I want to see it tippy top.
  5. I'd be interested to know if there's a fine tuning screw on the fuel gauge--my never quite registers full even with a full tank and I'd love to adjust it.
  6. The sending unit is gauge specific, not block specific. The E1 and J15 sender fit the same in the block with the same retaining nut. But the 320 gauge doesn't read properly with a 520/521 sender. I've got a J15 but was able to get my hands on a 320 sender to get my gauge working properly.
  7. It is strange how the gauges work I don't understand either. Fuel rests in the off position at empty and goes up when keyed on. Temp rests at the top in H and drops when keyed on. Maybe it's safer having baseline worst case scenario rather than a gauge breaking and thinking you have a full tank of gas and your car is always running cool?
  8. Love it love it! Nice work getting it fired up it sounds good! Your temp gauge might actually be correct, on 320s the gauge rests in the off position buried all the up in the H. Then when you turn the key it drops down. Also if you've got a working thermostat you'll see the needle rise then fall when the thermostat opens. Nice work can't wait to see it on the road.
  9. I just pressure tested my J15 and you def need more than 4 revolutions. I put the gauge on the rocker cover so I could see when the needle stopped moving. Also do it with the throttle open just to see--it may or may not help but worth a try. My J15 with a new head gasket registered from 151-158 psi.
  10. As someone who just replaced head gasket I agree, drive it and watch for symptoms. And maybe check your compression periodically. The first symptom with my blown head gasket was exhaust blowing coolant out the radiator overflow.
  11. I ended up cutting my own headlight gaskets but this would be great info to know.
  12. great looking truck
  13. Sadly I can't help but just to be clear are you asking for a place to store your 320 in Oregon or CA?
  14. Post pics and tell us more! Mine's not an NL but I drive it a handful of miles almost every day. Have you made any mods to make it a more reliable daily?
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