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  1. I'd go with who will do better work, maybe the hot rod shop. Even if it's a little more money the sting of the cost wears off with time but not having it how you want it is forever.
  2. Sorry for the double post, but here's an afterthought. Could you use 1.25" pipe and a 1.5" muffler/resonator, using adaptors where it comes in and out. It'd look correct--I doubt anyone would ever know.
  3. I'm kind of a purist and still bumped up to 1.5". I took my old exhaust off and took it to a good shop and and them match the bends, muffler, and flare where it seats on the manifold.
  4. I'm def interested in following but I can't see your pictures. Can you repost? I've got a spick n' span factory carb but can't get it to run well. It idles beautifully but but bogs down when opened up unless it's hand choked. The accelerator pump is new and it's acting like there's a blockage but there's not a blockage or lack of fuel.
  5. 60 year split. 1962 L320 next to the 2022 Frontier.
  6. I have a line on a spare set of NL bezels and a friend in northern california interested in making repops. NL-1963 shoot me an email: moses.thompson@gmail.com Also I grew up in Mesa and my parents and a couple brothers live up there. I'm down in Tucson.
  7. I'm on the hunt for a Tucson Datsun frame. Please let me know if anyone has any leads.
  8. It was a leap of faith for sure. There was a point in the project where I was putting real money in a cab off, glass out paint job knowing those wing window rubbers weren't available. Hugest thanks to everyone who pitched in on that project. Thinking back, chasing parts and R and D on repops has been part of the joy. This is my latest project and they're going on my truck today. The mysterious 55 Pferdestärke badges available only on Japanese Domestic Market 320s. The math doesn't convert to 60 horsepower and I'm not sure why the Japanese were using a German conversion on a British clone engine. It's a little oddball touch to an oddballl truck.
  9. Thanks Charlie! It's guys like you willing to share parts and knowledge that made it all possible. Huge thanks to everyone on here willing to teach me.
  10. Pretty psyched to get this in the mail today.
  11. I'm not positive but that sounds right. I've got a J15 with an E1 column shift gearbox, E1 starter, generator, carb...
  12. Does anyone have a spare voltage regulator for a 320?
  13. Wow Steve, nice work.
  14. I've got a friend who's got a couple PLGs with those badges. I'll try to get over there this week to get some pics and measurements.
  15. Random question but does anyone know how many 1962 320s came to the US in 1961-1962?
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