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1972 Nissan Laurel 2000GX project

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9 hours ago, datzenmike said:

You have a cable speedometer now? The early D21 truck '87-'93 used a mechanical speedometer and the pinion sleeve fits your 71C transmission. After that an electric sensor was used.


You will have to get the correct plastic gear to keep your speedometer accurate. If you have your old transmission take the pinion out and count the teeth. If your differential was changed this will change everything.


Love the Laurel. Roof line is similar to the 510 SSS Coupe

Yes. I have a cable (mechanical) speedometer now but transmission is S14 Silvia. I can not use electric sensor with my gauge. 

I have found a pinion sleeve from S13 Silvia which is fits to S14 transmission. After install i will need to figure out how to get a correct speed measuring. 

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1 hour ago, Rat-a-tat-Dat said:

Nice car and very good work. Can't wait for the finished product!


Thanks. Me too.

But its long-time project. Soon we will make this car running the streets (maybe this week).

Then it will be totally repainted (about 2 months).

And I need to change the rear part of chassis for new one (about 2 weeks maybe less).

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26 minutes ago, Eric said:

Nice to see another C30, i have a 4 door myself, undergoing an sr20(non turbo) swap as well. Used 240z and 280ZX front suspension parts to get vented brakes etc.

You should introduce yourself in the C30 register on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033716266700542/


Nice to meet you Eric. Where I can see your project ?

I have made a request on Facebook group.

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3 hours ago, ZeroSports said:


Nice to meet you Eric. Where I can see your project ?

I have made a request on Facebook group.


My 'project' is here started in 2010 and still not ready, to many other Datsun that need my attention.


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Day 50.

Today we have a stormy weather. Strong wind with the heavy rain. But we need to continue our project.

Finished work with radiator and a fan. Putting all the sensors and controllers. Fan sensor is for 86C degrees. 

And now we can start en engine and check everything proprely.









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The second engine start.

There is some noise in steering booster. Checking the tank ... there is a froth. So we have a leak somewhere. 

Checking everything. The leak was found in one of the hosepipes. We will have to make another one.



But we still need to warm up engine and check the fan cooler, oil leakage, transmission and many more. 

So we put away the steering booster belt and start engine for the third time.



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18 hours ago, Eric said:


What radiator did u use?


I used not OEM Suzuki Swift ZC11S/ZD11S 40мм MT turbo version radiator. And we changed every hole location.

But 2-speed fan was OEM.


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1 hour ago, carterb said:

The paint looks beautiful in that first photo.

Great project. Thanks for sharing.



The paint is very good when you look at the car with 5 meters distance ))) Because it was painted 5-6 years ago in a garage.

So now I'm planning to repaint everything in a good service shop.

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Day 53.

Not so much was done during these 3 days. But there was one huge problem with the vacuum brake booster. It was broken. And the brakes were not as good as it must be.

But we need brakes to test a car on the road soon. So we started searching the used one in our market. Because the new one will be delivered in 3 weeks after purchasing. 

Only one vacuum brake booster was fitted - from Nissan Starlet. And I've ordered the new one from Japan - https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q291846702



Then were some small adjustments like boost solenoid, horn signals Mitsuba and other things.





We cleaned up all windshield motor and have made a new wiring on it.



I was searching for a new water cooling tank. But there was no good in the market. Only Chinese one. But I don't like Chinese parts. That's  why we decided to make a custom one.

It is not finished yet. 


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Day 54.

We've made a custom water cooler tank. And place it near the radiator.



Have made all pipes to main brake cylinder.



Have bought exhaust. Tomorrow will make it. But we still searching for good muffler. It's hard to find in our market small one.





And we have a problem. There was a small leak in water cooler temperature sensor which is switching on the fan. Were tried to solve this problem but the sensor was broken. So now we need to buy another one.


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