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  1. Next I have found on Yahoo auction brand new OEM wipers full kit.
  2. Next was to install the car windows. But I tried to find rubber seals for it and there were no success. Hakosuka and Datsun 510 has different measures of my car or have different pin lock or angles. So for the first time we cut one seal and added a strip in the center.
  3. Next missing part was the Antenna. It has a different style not as style on Hakosuka or Sunny or Bluebird 510. Found on Ebay in US.
  4. Finally. Paint works were finished. I`ve added a Hakosuka`s rear spoiler.
  5. It was RockPaint etching primer. Other layers of primers and paint were Kansai.
  6. Next step is to disassemble the interior
  7. And in February I`ve decided to make a full repaint. When we were starting to cleaning the body from the paint we have found that the original color of the car is not red. It was desert yellow. It was very hard to choose a color. In license the color was red, but original was dessert yellow. And the red color is better looking for me.
  8. Next step. My front grill was from 2000GT Skyline. So the central N emblem is different. So I have found on action an original N Hakosuka Emblem and replaced it.
  9. Next was the original 70-s Nissan license plate frames. Looks much better.
  10. Next. Strut bar. I was using a Hachiroku (AE86 Levin or Trueno) strut bar. Coz other nissan`s bar is too wide for my body. Was cut from one side and made bigger holes. Painting and polishing.
  11. Next was OEM Hakosuka`s KOITO headlights.
  12. Inspection lamp. Very rare unit. Have bought used one on Yahoo auction. Just polished and looks like new.
  13. Next was the whole rear chassis. It was a combination of Skyline R31, Cedric R31 and Laurel C31 parts Adding a disk brakes for rear wheels
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