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  1. The New years present for the car I was searching this label more than 6 years Las year I`ve made a 3D copy and installed it But now I have new one ... It looks like a jewelry
  2. Thanks. This years after repainting I was driving the car about 6-7 times. It was amazing feelings. I cant describe it. Other drivers on the road were giving me a big thumb many times. Now the car is waiting warm days in the parking area. In the end of March or in April.
  3. Now after polishing I can put back the original emblems. Round L-emblem is impossible to find. So I used 3D-printer to make it like original. And of course a GT-R emblem on the back side to be in style with front grill.
  4. Look at this stuff. I`ve found the original service stickers on Yahoo auction. It was hard to find in the Internet where are the current places to stick it. My Japanese friends told me that you can stick it wherever you want. There is no such rules. Because in the 70s it was done manually by quality control staff. So I put it back as it was before repainting.
  5. Next step is the wax polishing car in three layers.
  6. Thanks. Thank you. Yeah, the design in Coca-Cola bottle style is incredible. The car was in the paint shop since 24 Feb. Then in detailing shop with the assembly the interior. And only 12 Oct I`ve took it back home.
  7. Hi to everyone. I have repainted my car. And have found on Yahoo auction in Japan original service stickers. Can you help me with location of it where to place ? Beautiful if you have photos. Thank you.
  8. Niiiice. Your project is almost the same as mine. Glad to see it.
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