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  1. Yeah. But there is a hole between the grill and the hood. And you can see some chrome parts. I need to make some black color plate to hide it.
  2. Next step was the grill. Original Hakosuka's grill is longer. So I had to cut it from the sides. The material is silumin. And it cant be welded. So we've made some new brackets.
  3. Today is the day X. I decided to install Hakosuka style front spare parts. Half year ago I have bought Hakosuka's front grill and glasses. Tried to install but no success. I need Hakosuka's headlights. So I was searching it in Yahoo auction in Japan and have found new one for about 110$. Above is original. From the bottom is new one. Dismount all original front parts. Next trying to see how the new headlight is fitting. To tell the truth every hole in headlight doesn't fit to any original hole in chassis. So we started to make some brackets for fixing. There are only one hole on glasses which is fits to original hole. During the installation I was noticed that the headlights are not symmetrical. It is made from one form for each side. So I had to make new fittings for the left side. The results. There was no new holes in chassis, no cuts or other things. Every fitting was made in original hole with brackets. All new face lift was stretched out for more angry style. You may see it on photos below.
  4. I want to install front Hako to see how is looking. I don't want to cut some pieces from the body. Will try to install in factory holes. Yes. Front lip is reuseable. I have a matrix and I can make another one for you if you want.
  5. This is G18 engine. Single carburetor. On photo G20 engine with double carburetor.
  6. Yes. Originally I have the engine like this. But it is a G18 - 1800cc with single carburetor, but I have G20 - 2000cc with double carburetor.
  7. For co pilot's knees very good. There was an air conditioner at this place. So i reinstalled it and placed guages. And I don't want to see it on the console. Or somebody who's driving next lane car. It's like a hidden part. Like slipper )))
  8. A week ago we've made a short video like interview ... you may see it on Youtube.
  9. I don't have a rear label on my car. So I decided to make a 3D model of it. This is a label from 2000 model. This is from 2000GX model.
  10. Next was the OEM leather shift knob cover.
  11. Then was the most happy day. This part I was looking for about 4 years. I've found it on Yahoo auction from Blubird 510 model.
  12. Next step was the full Hakosuka front kit grill. Making a Hakolora. This is how it will be.
  13. In October I've changed the new number plates. HOT ! Five in a row.
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