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  1. Eric

    3d printing

    So will this topic be the part of the internet we need to visit for any 620 parts that needs te be reproduced? I'd love to get the files needed to print some stuff because i live in the Netherlands and parts are hard to come by. I can have parts printed over here so just the files would be very helpful. Clamshell, gauge bezel, etc.
  2. Buy a 78 or 79 truck, they have discs up front. But that cant be swapped on an earlier truck without hacking and welding.
  3. Nice updates! Not sure if i like the Hako front though, there are more Hako's than C30's. Is the front lip mold re-useable?
  4. Eric

    Parking Brake Cables

    No just 2 front seat and a rear bench
  5. Eric

    Is this a 620 filler neck?

    Well mine has something on the inside as well, so probably from another car. I'll go and look for a replacement.
  6. Eric

    Parking Brake Cables

    My C30 Laurel has an under dash hand brake, same as 620
  7. Eric

    Is this a 620 filler neck?

    Don't know if i want to repair this one or get me another one maybe. Thanks for the picture @Jersey that's a great help. You have a picture form the inside of the tube? it looks like there was a little 'door' in there but there is nothing anymore.
  8. Thats is a 1800 motor which was in the Shortnose C10, The C30 Laurel and the later C130 Laurel. Called G18 or G20. There even was a G15, 1500cc available in the cheapest C10 Skyline.
  9. That looks like the original Nissan pipe from MAF to turbo so it shouldn't have any issues as long as fresh air is getting there.
  10. Eric

    Check valve fuel tank

    Beverwijk is about 30 minuten drive from my house, Wijk aan Zee is a nice place to spend your summer.
  11. Eric

    Check valve fuel tank

    England as in UK England or England as in New England in the US? I have never seen on of these for real and don't know anyone who has one.
  12. Eric

    Check valve fuel tank

    These truck were never sold where i live so finding one should be hard. Thanks for helping me with this information
  13. Eric

    Check valve fuel tank

    Useful info, i couldn't find this in my '79 service manual.
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