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  1. Do you already have a workshop manual?
  2. i had these caliper on a S110 ( i think you call it 200sx ) and an early 280zx if i remember correctly.
  3. This grill, i need one of these. Is this oem stuff? What year is it?
  4. is anyone making this bezels aftermarket?
  5. My 'project' is here started in 2010 and still not ready, to many other Datsun that need my attention.
  6. Nice to see another C30, i have a 4 door myself, undergoing an sr20(non turbo) swap as well. Used 240z and 280ZX front suspension parts to get vented brakes etc. You should introduce yourself in the C30 register on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033716266700542/
  7. I don't see the problem. Buy the whole lot. Sell what you don't want and you make money on it and have a 620 for free when you sold everything.
  8. Eric


    How much you want for it and can you ship it to Conroe Texas?
  9. Thank you for this very detailled answer 👌 Z parts are no problem i have them all, the auto truck does have the holes for the clutch master cylinder already there and covered and it is the same cylinder as a 240z. So i'll need to find a complete clutch pedal assembly and i'm good to go i guess. (well and a truck, but i can look for automatic now as well)
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