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  1. Thank you for this very detailled answer 👌 Z parts are no problem i have them all, the auto truck does have the holes for the clutch master cylinder already there and covered and it is the same cylinder as a 240z. So i'll need to find a complete clutch pedal assembly and i'm good to go i guess. (well and a truck, but i can look for automatic now as well)
  2. Can i use a 240/260Z manual gearbox? Can i use the driveshaft from the auto box? Anyone has a picture that shows how the pedals are mounted to the firewall? Anything else i should think of? Different starter motors probably?
  3. Eric

    Just got a 1979 620

    Still no pictures
  4. It is only the 78 and 79 that have ball joints? Not the 77?
  5. I am trying to buy a 620 KC on CL but all i can do is email, to people who never seem to read their email.. or are they all ignoring me maybe? 🙄
  6. Eric

    WTB 620 KC

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • WANTED
    • USED

    looking for a 620 KC, doesn't need to be running, preferable not to rusty 🙂 I am from the Netherlands but i can have a transporter pick up anything in a week. What's available?


  7. There was a guy in the UK doing about the same thing. He used my old 510, lets see if i can find a few photo's of that
  8. Great story, nice truck and E30 (Y)
  9. is there a difference in hardware? i welded a 240z set on my 280zx front struts but now the 240z top hat doesn't fit me 280zx top. so i emails GC and they say the kit for 240z and 280zx is completely different. i can't think of anything being different other than the top hat.
  10. Eric

    How to remove a bed?

    that's useful info @datzenmike, thanks. What size are the bolt heads?
  11. Eric

    How to remove a bed?

    Is there a picture available with all bed mounting points and how to undo them? i need to take of a bed from a 620 but its on a location where i don't have a lot of tools available so i'd like to come prepared and have the right tools with me.
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