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  1. The truck is a 79, the spare brake shoes are from a truck with drums on all four corners and they are the same as the shoes on my truck. the only thing i didn't check yet is the size of the wheel cylinders.The adjusters are all the way in.
  2. lining is the same on all shoes, so maybe it needs to be like that?
  3. Just checked the shoes, all 4 of them have the same lining. i have 3 spare shoes and they have the same lining as well.
  4. I don't know @thisismatt this is how it was when i bought it so i put i back like that. have never driven the car. trailing shoe is the shoe with or without the handbrake lever attached? Both shoes do look exactly the same from this picture.
  5. I used the shoes that were already in it, on the 620 one of the shoes has an extra lever for the handbrake. so there is no switching sides by mistake. unless the previous owner had the handbrake lever installed on the wrong shoe. i will check that. The brakes have no brake fluid in them yet. So any change of the pedal would have nothing to do with the shoes. the return spring is on, and the cylinder is completely compressed. I only took this one picture of the finished result, the lining appears to be the same on both sides.
  6. I tink the cable is loose enough but it never hurts to give it a try, thanks @wayno
  7. Well forget the fact if it is rare or valuable, the 200SX is a bad base for a drift car. Get yourself a 1990-1994 240SX, much better drivetrain and better handling, better aftermarket parts available as well. Let someone else enjoy this 200SX as they get rarer rapidly.
  8. Grinding off a bit of the shoe would be a solution, but it came out like this so i can't stand it if it doesn't fit back in 🙂
  9. No its a 620, sorry. I tapped the cylinder back to the center already but still it doesn't fit, its only a mm or so but the drum just wont go over it and i don't want to use the big hammer on it..
  10. I took off my brake shoes on my 620 and installed new rear brake cilinders and parking brake cables, refitted everything but now my drum wont fit over the shoes anymore. What am i missing here? Parking brake in not engaged, cables are not tight, the adjuster wheel is turned completely upwards.
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