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KA with sidedrafts

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Ran into my next issue which i totally for got about.. Gotta have the hardbody oil pan modified to fit the 240 motor.. so thats a bit of a set back. good thing is i still havnt got my head back from the machine shop and its been 6 months.. Also with that said i lost out on my valve springs i bought for the head.. so im out money, springs and my extra head 🤘


So modify oil pan

buy new springs

sacrifice my second spare head to another machine shop

and maybe put a motor together 

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5 hours ago, scooter said:

just fucking lovely

my thoughts exactly 

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Go the solid rocker arms on .. think a few are a like .001 out cause i can a couple tap 

but it made a differnce down low thats for sure 


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Welp truck shut down last night... was cruising along. noticed it was getting hot, very under powered like the timing was retarded.


Got home and wouldnt idle.

Fired it up this morning still the same issue. guess when i get home ill pull the valve cover off and make sure everything is in time .. im real curious as to what happen


Hoping my torque wrench was right when doing these solid rockers. im wondering if the rocker rail bolts backed out and everything came loose.. 


We shall find out 


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So tore it apart on lunch. everything looks intact. nothing jumped time. dizzy is where it needs to be .. crank bolt was loose but not a big deal.. Started it up and ran fine.. Drove it for about 10 mins and then it started losing power again.. im pretty interested in whats going on here lol 

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Check the crank bolt again.

If it loosened up you have a dampener, and/or crank snout problem.

Bore of the dampener, key ways in the dampener of crank snout, keys, or the crank snout it's self are worn.

Unless those are all good, it will continue to work loose.

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is it hot? it sounds like its airlocking and overheating kinda

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