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  1. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    This is the plug that is currently in there NGK 4435 {#ZFR5E11} V-Power
  2. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    maybe ill try that.. and what about this .. the truck never really runs hot ever.. like my gauge barley comes off of Cold .. should it be hotter? like does that matter.. I feel like my thermostat may be stuck and i should probably put a new one in it like i never have to turn on my fans unless i have the ac on or im in traffic for more then 10 minutes
  3. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    I feel like the gauge is good though.. with key on engine off its at 19.. fire it up and it goes from 12 down to 9.. between shifts it leans up a little .. but maybe im wrong
  4. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    No it had been sitting all day and i just decided to pull it out .. ill try a re calibration on it and see what the scoop is .. but it dosnt explain why its so sluggish unless the timing is playing a factor finally .. I still have the jets coming and should be here Saturday so im deff gonna mess around with it
  5. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    so i pulled the number 2 plug last night that the wide band is on and im kinda confused How is this thing not pitch black and what is happening lol
  6. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    I may have to try that .. i ordered the Mains and air correctors last night so im gonna put them in and then get some plugs.. I know its rich for sure, its not as responsive as it was before
  7. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Yah i would agree with you
  8. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Went home on lunch and got the truck heres a little video of the super rich, slow, not exciting, blubbery pull
  9. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Got one on the way.. Cant hurt to have more information at hand
  10. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    i dont use the choke when starting up just gotta pump the gas one time .. the choke size i listed is the venturi size i believe
  11. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    as soon as i fire it up it lingers around 12ish and 10 seconds later its on 9 lol and if i try to adjust the screws in it starts fumbling around and missing
  12. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    With the 65f8s in mine im runing between 3 and 3.5 turns out between all 4
  13. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    When i got them this is what came in them MAIN A/C IDLE E/T PUMP BYPASS CHOKE 145-145 155-155 F855-F855 F16-F16 45-45 40 36-36 What i currently have in them is this MAIN A/C IDLE E/T PUMP BYPASS CHOKE 145-145 155-155 F865-F865 F2-F2 45-45 0 36-36
  14. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    I have not to be honest.. i put the new plugs in weeks ago and have just been trying to get it to run i have a new set on the bench i need to put in and start over again with watching the colors of them
  15. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    On my lunch i put the 65s back in and put the idle circuits back to where i had them .. its deff more driver friendly now and dosnt buck while going down the road between 30-45..i can actually enjoy it When i go to a nice long straight away i floored it 1st through top of 3rd and the wideband was a 9 the entire time except between shifts when i let off so i think the larger air corrector may help with that Not sure though casuse well i dont know what im doing lol
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