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  1. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Alrighty well today i went ahead and ordered up an O&J stage 2 cam and some new valve springs .. I have an extra head at the house i think im gonna have my KA wizard go through and clean it up .. soak the rockers and get them moving good again and ill be on my way to a choppy KA.. then the tuning will begin all over again MEH
  2. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Kinda put the truck on the back burner and just been driving it .. got a new toy and have been messing with that lol
  3. Had this issue happen to me with my fs5w71c .. came down to a bent shift fork that would slightly in-gauge and slip in and bind.. only happen in 1st and and 2nd
  4. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Its like a quick spike.. its literally right as you crack the throttle .. if its in my driveway warming up and i go to pull out the driveway itll pop back throw the intake and stumble.. I really wonder if i need smaller chokes.. because if im in 1st or 2nd at about 3500ish and just stab the gas itll lean out and flutter like its not getting gas then itll take off .. I wonder if its not getting enough air velocity you know? if i where to bring the choke size down from 36 to like 35 or 34 maybe itll speed up the air in it and help with that I dont know though.. not sure if that would remedy it .. im getting closer i know that much
  5. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    little update.. went up again on the idle jets and mains, added some more timing and it seems to like it .. can actually drive it down the road without it bucking but theres still some what of a lean spot in the transition ..
  6. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    So i know this is completely unrelated but i need some help https://lamin-x.ourcontest.io/DBkhnm You should go vote for my truck cause im in 4th and i wanna win lol
  7. just bring me the rb to central fl so i can put it in my hardbody lol ill give you a single cam KA with sidedrafts for trade
  8. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    i have watched about 20 minutes of it .. was able to get the idle right with the air bypass jets and shutting the butterfly more but have not go to the accelerator pump circuit yet
  9. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    I actually changed it out the when we were talking about it.. seamed to help a little bit but the transition is still bad .. i can literally only drive it comfortably at 60+ .. anything lower then that it wants to buck and hiccup .. Have the f2 tubes, 190 air corrector, 60f8 idles, 130 mains.. it seems like it is alot better then before but the transition is still f*&%ed I will have to get another plug in it and see what happens as for timing i backed it down a bit and it seems to be a little peppier..if i remember correctly its about 18* right now
  10. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    well Florida's weather is against me .. literally havent drove this thing all week cause of rain lol
  11. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    wind noise is pretty bad, but thanks .. it could be better .. i need to get a damn cam for this thing already but i have an amazon prime problem and always spend my money haha
  12. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Great .. timing again lol and heres a little clip of it this weekend when i played around a little more with the air correctors, mains and re adjusted the butterfly's all the way shut and opened up the air bypass screws seems like its doing ok so far
  13. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Yes the truck was originally efi and the distributor i put in the truck is a l20b 2 wire from a 78 200sx
  14. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Im not sure about any of this so idk lol
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