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  1. id love to have this for the KA .. wish i knew how it was made so i could make one lol im over having a GM hei module for an ignitor
  2. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    So tore it apart on lunch. everything looks intact. nothing jumped time. dizzy is where it needs to be .. crank bolt was loose but not a big deal.. Started it up and ran fine.. Drove it for about 10 mins and then it started losing power again.. im pretty interested in whats going on here lol
  3. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Welp truck shut down last night... was cruising along. noticed it was getting hot, very under powered like the timing was retarded. Got home and wouldnt idle. Fired it up this morning still the same issue. guess when i get home ill pull the valve cover off and make sure everything is in time .. im real curious as to what happen Hoping my torque wrench was right when doing these solid rockers. im wondering if the rocker rail bolts backed out and everything came loose.. We shall find out
  4. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Go the solid rocker arms on .. think a few are a like .001 out cause i can a couple tap but it made a differnce down low thats for sure
  5. Yah thats what i have been trying to convince him of but he dosnt want to fab anything.. well see what happens i guess
  6. SOOOOO thats what we are doing is using a vg33.. but the way the turbo set up is we cant use the vg33 pump.. thats why we need the stock vg30 pump without the filter housing and so forth .. its a PITA
  7. yah for real.. its probably just gonna come down to sourcing another motor to be honest. .which sucks but gotta do what you gotta do
  8. This is the pump we bought. .based on part number and picture.. and what they sent was not correct
  9. Im cant believe what im seeing lol how did you find this so fast lol im gonna have to do some serious hunting for that pump
  10. That actually is the pump we bought and it's not correct . They sent us the same pump I have pictured . I got with nissan and these ere the pump numbers I found but cant find info on them 15010-12g01 12g02 75p00 75p01 15010-10v01 this is for a 93 maxima dohc but it's supposed to be the correct pump
  11. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    my thoughts exactly
  12. ive been on this for about 3 weeks trying to help my buddy. VG30 out of a 95 hardbody.. 2wd . issue is we dont think its the stock motor. .There was an A a B and a W series VG. They all had their differences. The issue we have is that the oil pump was broke when we tried getting the timing gear off the crank.. Order a new pump and the ID of the pump is to small to fit over the drive for the crank. Here are some pictures. I have searched the entire WWW tring to find out where to get this pump and im am stumped. does anyone have any oil pumps laying around that they can take pictures of and measurements .. I have tracked down the pump to 94 and 95 pickups and 93 maximas with the DOHC motor but the pump is not available . Found one that looked like it was it. ordered it and it was wrong. Need help here .. Where are my VG guys at
  13. alexg89

    Pawn Shop D21

    go cut up a pathfinder for its rear bubble or get a set of 4wd front fenders and graph them in.. thatll be my play eventually
  14. alexg89

    Pawn Shop D21

    How pokey? score some pathfinder or 4wd pickup front fenders and thatll hide the tire
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