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  1. Yah i know just be more piece of mind. I can do just about anything on the truck but i just have not done engine assembly. Ive got a copy of the FSM. ill probably be ok but i just hate to trash something im putting together over something stupid you know..
  2. Wish one of yall were near central fl and I would pay you to teach me . Im 31 and I feel ashamed I don't know this lol
  3. I understand that.. guess i need to take some lessons on how to use plastiguage
  4. With that being said looking for big whoops.. i know the crank and everything is still good and im going to have all new bearings.. how would a "whoops" show up? IF everything is still functional and running it should all go together smoothly i would think.. but then again ive never done this lol
  5. So ive had the truck down for some time now and ive been gathering parts for the rebuild.. I have never put together my own engine so i gots a few questions. first off, plastigauge, is this to be used?? i have the factory assembly manual and i skimmed it and it just looked like torque values. second, balancing, i have some Arias 11:1s that are going in. Do i need to have everything rebalanced? or can i stick them in and run it?
  6. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Im thinking they are the same people.. idk lol
  7. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    pistons came in today, and head is looking nice.. ready to pull this motor and get it going!
  8. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    I ended up picking up another 500 dollar gem and put some swampers on it. 208k miles on the ticker. 5speed 4wd vg33 1998 pathfinder. interior is flawless, ice cold ac. the lady couldnt figure out why it was smoking and neither could the mechanic. PCV valve was stuck and was sucking oil up
  9. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    You know i never figured out what the issue was that day but it ran fine afterwards.. truck is off the road now, waiting on parts to come in. finally got my head back, ported, polished decked 20thou, stiffer springs, new valves, 5* valve job from what i was told. 10.7:1 aries pistons on the way, got all the gaskets, need to order some head bolts and i think thats it Not sure about rod or main bolts. i think they are regular and not torque to yield? so i was just gonna put them back in. Also not sure if i need to have anything balanced but then again i really font know what im doing because this is my first actual full rebuild ive done lol
  10. id love to have this for the KA .. wish i knew how it was made so i could make one lol im over having a GM hei module for an ignitor
  11. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    So tore it apart on lunch. everything looks intact. nothing jumped time. dizzy is where it needs to be .. crank bolt was loose but not a big deal.. Started it up and ran fine.. Drove it for about 10 mins and then it started losing power again.. im pretty interested in whats going on here lol
  12. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Welp truck shut down last night... was cruising along. noticed it was getting hot, very under powered like the timing was retarded. Got home and wouldnt idle. Fired it up this morning still the same issue. guess when i get home ill pull the valve cover off and make sure everything is in time .. im real curious as to what happen Hoping my torque wrench was right when doing these solid rockers. im wondering if the rocker rail bolts backed out and everything came loose.. We shall find out
  13. alexg89

    KA with sidedrafts

    Go the solid rocker arms on .. think a few are a like .001 out cause i can a couple tap but it made a differnce down low thats for sure
  14. Yah thats what i have been trying to convince him of but he dosnt want to fab anything.. well see what happens i guess
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