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  1. GT2

    SD22 valve stem seals

    I've used the air charged cylinder method on gas engines with good results, however you would most likely have to make some kind of injector adapter to do it on a diesel? If you try this method; when you have the cylinder pressurized take a socket and lightly tap on the spring retainer to loosen the keepers ( careful to not hit it so hard that the retainer releases the keepers all the way or you might get a face full of spring etc,) then use your spring compressor tool to release it all the way.
  2. Pan hard rod is only off center if you mount it that way. It is possible to mount it centered. Mine is off centered a little, this can be compensated for with spring rate if necessary This is an age old argument. The watts link is an excellent way to locate the rear end, however the roll center is not very adjustable and ends up too low for many cars. I based my choice on personal experience and the advice of many Trans Am ( SCCA) drivers ( who have made a science of the solid rear axle), they say " We have driven all rear attaching types and in the end they all work good, it comes down to personal preference ( drivers feeling) !
  3. True True. A good IRS is better suited for bumpy tracks. I like IRS but once you commit to a specific geometry you are stuck unless you want to make cut and weld alterations, i.e. not very adjustable for roll center. At one time SCCA did mandate solid rear axle, but have since allowed IRS with weight penalty. In my opinion SCCA GT cars weigh too much as it is!
  4. This S14 is purpose built to specific racing rules. The under skin mechanics have very little to do with the "stock" car. Thanks for the question.
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