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  1. Good point, I guess I just visualized some young inexperienced guy jamming a steel line on an aluminum AN fitting. I did mean double flare to adapter fitting, not directly to AN. 😉
  2. My personal opinion, but I wouldn't trust a single flare brake line. Especially on a race car.
  3. So correct me if I'm missing something in the above statements, But, You don't double flare a hard line at 37d to directly connect to an an -3 fitting. You double flare at 45d (sae) and connect that to a inverted flare to -3 fitting. From that -3 (37d) fitting you connect a -3 hose. That hose bridges the gap between the body and axle and connects to another -3 to inverted flare fitting ( usually a tee ) at the axle. Watch my Road race chassis rebuild video #8, it might help.
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