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  1. Test drive and playing with the cameras
  2. GT2

    KA with sidedrafts

    Funny... the paper says Arias the plastic says Carrillo!
  3. Front bumper/ air dam and window net install
  4. So when I was looking for a rear end for my race car I was kind of going through the same thing you are now. ( and yes I'm kind of cheap).🙄. Its been a while, so cut me some slack if I'm a little off.... The ford 7.5" was very hard to come by in my area and are said to be weak ( compared to what?), also gears and limited slip hard to come by. The 8" ( which is what I'm using) are a bit hard to come by as well. Gear selection is good and limited slip options are good as well ( after market). Grafting on disc brakes is fairly easy. I think this unit is lighter than a pathfinder, but not by much. If you know your way around rear ends you could shorten it yourself using 2 short axles. The Pathfinder rear is plenty strong and comes with disc drakes, however for my uses the ratio and limited slip options were not right. And yes its heavy. Seems to me if you start looking at Alfa and other exotics your going to price your self out of the ball park. Definitely some compromises will be in order, (most probably in the weight dept.) and the do it yourself stuff will help. Looking forward to see what you come up with.
  5. 1995 ish Pathfinder, I see them fairly regularly at the pick a part.
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