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  1. I was wondering if anyone would catch that. I realized it when I did the other side, and switched them after I did the video. Good point on the long shank bolts, I actually had one of the lower shock bolts come out real hard on another car! Thanks.
  2. Yeah, he had some cool nissan stories and memories. We spent the day there exploring all the hidden treasures! Never gonna find that kind of stuff again! He is missed.
  3. GT2

    Pitiful Pitting??

    How do the cylinder walls look?
  4. Yes it is a Doug built body ( may he rest in peace). when he passed away we went and picked up the molds, their in Portland now. Mac never had a mazda that I know of, only the alfa and the 240, were you at rebelos when they built his engine?
  5. forgive me if im wrong, but isent 14.9 to 15.1 lean?
  6. I too spent a little time around the nasport cars back in the day! Most of the stuff I've been collecting or was given to me. The body was a spare I bought from Mac Russel.
  7. Sorry no pics, The engine I have now is a stock test engine ( with headers and race wet sump pan). I wont be building a race engine until the car is done.
  8. GT2

    Ratson Rod

    Hey everyone, just a note to let you know that I'm sidelining the Ratson Rod so I can work on the Road Race car. Take a look in the " Other Datsuns and Nissans" section for the rebuild. Have a good summer! Tim
  9. I'm sidelining the Ratson Rod for a while so I can concentrate on the Road race car. Its a S14, VG powered Tube frame car.
  10. Hehehe... he said jimmywacked!!
  11. GT2

    Ratson Rod

    Fitting the doors video:
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