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Survey: what tire/wheel size do you run?


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Found some Chev or Ford 15". Progressed from 225s to 235s to 31X10.5 to 33X12.5 as the truck progressed. The 31X10.5 rubbed with torsion bars maxed out and a 4" body lift. Hammered the floor for clearance, rubbed on turning bumps. The 33s cleared with a SAS and F-170 leaf springs.

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I run P195/75R14 on most everything I own if I buy them, if I am given them they are what they are, most everything I own is close to stock height except the 320s.

I do have one truck that is lowered, it is my 1966 Datsun 520, it is highly modified and very low, the front cross member under the oil pan is 2 3/4 inches off the ground, the rear leaf plate that holds the rear leafs to the rear axle is 3 inches off the ground, but the front mount for the rear leafs is what drags on the ground the most, I am running P185/60R14 tires on that truck, the only way I could lower that truck any more is to do a body drop or drive it into a hole, it would then be lower. :lol:


As it sits today in my driveway.


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521; K5 Blazer wheels; 195/65R15 tires.


3" blocks with a few leaves removed.






Click link, as I have not done anything to repair all my photos.


Not tucked or hellaflushed. Still sits pretty low even considering how tall my tires truly are. Tire fitment is pretty good. Light roll to the upper most part of the rear fenders. Other than that,no issues. I dig the way it sits. Can't stand the look of 50 series tires on old cars- no matter how low the thing is.

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