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  1. bigboy620

    1978 620 vg30et

    Blew the head gasket smoking a 2017 5.0 mustang. Going twin turbo for next build. 😎🧨🧨
  2. bigboy620

    Vented hood anyone?

    I’m looking into venting the hood as well but like Mike said I don’t want to add an ugly scoop or vent. I like the idea of an air duck with a fan. What would be better? To push air into the engine or to pull air out?
  3. Sold! To a guy and his son!! They have a 72 510 they’re gonna use it for!
  4. Someone’s looking to replace his l16 in his 510. Hopefully it sells.
  5. I believe it has w58 heads. It’s complete. From valve cover to oil pan.
  6. So the L20b holds no value and it’s pretty much worthless. That sucks. I thought being that it is not readily available, it would hold some value.
  7. Thanks guys. It’s actually the motor I pulled from my 620. Engine starts everytime even after shutting off and on. Trans shifts through all the gears, no weird noises. Did routine oil changes. When I changed the valve cover gasket. The internals looked real clean. No gunk build up. Just trying to sell it.
  8. Running good. And what about a 5 speed? Inputs.
  9. That box is nice!
  10. bigboy620

    1978 620 vg30et

    new muffler setup
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