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  1. Am I correct in thinking you can pop the pistons out from the oil pan?
  2. Part 2 of my adventure with this truck. I’m pretty sure I need new rings. Losing oil and it still smokes. What’s the best route.
  3. Lash is at .010 .012 Head is very nicely rebuilt, oversized seats, new ferrea valves, new springs. It’s the junky carb, I’ve been putting it off since the weather is bad but I’ll older a new 32/36 very soon. Also I have to really thank you for your video uploads, with out that and the help of people here I wouldn’t have driven my first datsun. I used to post under a different name here and I no longer can recover the account and there’s threads of me posting about trying to buy a 620 in like 2010-2011, so it feels amazing to have a running driving truck of my own finall
  4. Mix screws were turned out almost a full turn, leaned the mixture out today, pulled the wires while it was running and it turned out to be the #2 sparkplug, and it was fouled out. Replaced plugs and messed with the carb today, runs better than it ever has. I got lucky and it was something stupid.
  5. Currently doesn’t want to idle, I’m gonna get a buddy to help me tomorrow and I’ll try pulling the wires and see what happens.
  6. Went out to start the truck tonight, and it’s continuing the missfire, I took a sound clip Incase some one has a good ear. I still plan on going with a new carb I’m just double checking and seeing if it’s something as well as the carb. This is with the choke off and at operating temp. I’m going to pull the spark plugs and take a look at them tomorrow.
  7. I found a 32/36 with manual choke for $190 on the pierce manifolds website, thanks for the suggestion. Anyway thanks guys, I’m just going to save myself the headache and purchase a new carb. Although I did get the truck running much better and have been driving it around.
  8. I found this from an older thread too. I’ll be able to find out more tomorrow, thanks again mike.
  9. I have that weird weber, and I’ve got it set to the best of my ability but you can see black out of the exhaust pipe and it some times backfires black with fire after shutting off
  10. Thanks mike, I’ll do some checks tomorrow. My carburetor runs very rich as well, I’m hoping I just fouled some spark plugs. I can’t catch a break with this thing, and it’s breaking me down. Really need some motivating words hahah.
  11. Didn’t even think of doing this, giving this tomorrow when there is some light.
  12. So went out today to start the truck in a while, it has been running fine and dandy lately, but today it decided to either run on 3 1/2 cylinders again or I have a wicked missfire. Continued to run like crap even after warming up for 10 minutes. (Cold starts usually sound rough, so that’s why I thought it might need to be warmed up), so it wasn’t the choke, it’s super dark so i haven’t had time to do major checks. One thing is, it did is clear up once or twice for about 2 seconds and then returned to that 3 cylinder sound. I’m thinking ignition related, as I don’t think it wo
  13. I’ll give a heavier weight a try, I did over fill it the first time and I used about 4 1/2 quarts but it wasn’t by much and since then oil level has gone down a bit, maybe 1/4 of a quart to half. And the oil level registers about 3/4 of the way on the dipstick.
  14. So it’s been a little over a month since I’ve messed with the truck, and I’ve run into this issue. Loosing oil level slowly and it smokes. I used 5w-30, which I heard is a bit thin, but I’m doubting the oil weight will make this much or a difference. Smoke smells of gas only but it’s clearly blue. I’m thinking it’s gonna he rings since I didn’t adress the bottom end when I got the head rebuilt. Really don’t want to tear it apart again.
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