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  1. Durty Dave

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Went back a few pages and didn't see this ad: Choptana for sale? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/1979-datsun-620-chop-top-truck/6545075109.html
  2. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    Well, I drove it the 30 miles to my buddy's shop this morning. Didn't get much good footage, but I edited some of it (mostly time-lapse) into a short video:
  3. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    I've been plugging away slowly, driving it now and then, so not much worth taking pics of UNTIL YESTERDAY. I wish I'd taken pics. Went and grabbed a rust-free cab and doors from South L.A., loaded them in my buddy's truck, and made a few stops on the way home. For a couple hundred bucks, this was going to be my diamond-lane pass to repairing all of the rot in my cab in one fell swoop. My buddy dropped me off on his way home, and he was going to unload the cab at his shop the next morning... ..and then I got the phone call. He'd been home for a bit, and then went out to get something to eat with the wife. They took the truck. Happy and full of grub, they were having a conversation on the way home. Driving on auto-pilot, instead of parking on the upper level as he had when he'd first arrived home, he drove down the ramp into the lower level of the parking structure. My "new" cab is folded nearly in half, and the rear window is blown out of his truck. I guess the only good news is that the areas of the cab that can be used as patch panels to weld into mine weren't damaged, so we're back to using my original cab, and more welding. Fuuuuuuuu-
  4. Durty Dave

    Survey: what tire/wheel size do you run?

    No doubt. They're on the list. Would love to find some of the old cast/embossed Western Wheel caps, but will probably just go with something more generic.
  5. Durty Dave

    Survey: what tire/wheel size do you run?

    Running 15x7 and 15x10 Cyclone II's with Cooper Cobras. 215R65-15 in the front and 275R60-15 out back.
  6. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    Not too much to tell, but I did put a new back window seal into it on Sunday.
  7. Durty Dave

    620 Land Speed Record

    Push truck for the race truck, maybe?
  8. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    Just wider/staggered wheels, but yeah. I'll get it on a rack and align it this week.
  9. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    My brother runs a brakes/alignment shop, so it'll go up on his lift this week, and we'll find out exactly what issues it has underneath. Then I get to weigh the options...
  10. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    Yeah, me too. I look forward to respecting Ben's vision, and tweaking it to my own. Pretty sure it will remain green in some form or another, and those rims and grille are definitely staying. Not sure about the bubble sunroof - he said it's a bit like sitting in a greenhouse in the summertime. I build/ride/show custom and vintage bikes, and this thing should come in handy for hauling duties.
  11. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    I don't think toe is the issue as much as camber, but I can take care of all that soon enough, I installed new lock cylinders in the doors today, for all the good that they do right now - no rear window until a new seal shows up. I'd just like to be able to secure it at night.
  12. Durty Dave

    D A T 'S Rite - '74 620

    I've been lurking for some time - have had a love for Datsuns since a 510 infected me with the fever several years ago - but I finally took the plunge and bought a '74 620 yesterday. The front end/brakes need some work before it's road worthy, but those wheels, grille shell, bubble sunroof and stink-bug stance made it too hard to resist. I guess Ben (the guy I bought it from) raised the front end from where the PO had it, but I'm not sure if he just didn't re-align it afterward, if the king pins are wasted, or maybe a bit of both. Anyway, the front tires, though new, are already wasted on the inside edges, and it needs some brake work anyway. It's making me consider options for the swap to ball joints and disc brakes. I feel like if I'm going to do it, I ought to do it right once, and be done with it. Well, I guess the good news is that I bought it right, so there's money left to do some things. Let me know if there sre some pitfalls that I should be careful to avoid. -DD

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