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Any Vinyl Wrapped 510's Out There?


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Looking for options, the "10 year paint job" I got when I was out in LA was just that....and that was 5 years ago. My friend who wrapped his new Mercedes said I should look into it. Anyone here done it? I searched and didn't find anything. There is rust happening that I will have to deal with first, a few bubbles and a big peel on the DS front quarter panel.

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Going back to the original post....

So your friend with his new car and perfect paint vs a failing paint job on your 40yr old car...

I get wrapping a newer vehicle but on an older vehicle won't the vinyl just show every imperfections that exist?

I really dont know one way or the other if what I said is true... thought it might be worth saying.....

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How's the east coast treating you?


Alex's car still looks good. @causedatsun on IG


I ran into a vw guy in the valley that wants to do the sedan. We'll see, and i will tell ya how bad small imperfections show if I do.

Everything is great, but the 510 is suffering from humidity and neglect.

If I did go the wrap route, I will true up or replace all  of the problem panels to keep the imperfections from shining through.

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Basically, whatever imperfections you have already will show. Any rust will need address first as well as you already stated. 


Wrap is about the same as paint in that the prep is key and the layer below will affect the quality of the layer on top.

Verify the adhesive on the material won't pull your paint. 


A good wrap guy typically won't wrap something that won't allow the wrap to last.

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