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  1. With the final bodywork coming to an end I figured it was finally time to start adding on the "bosozoku" or "kaido racer" kit to the car. I scored a deal on the flares from an importer who was getting rid of his business. Originally I had no clue what the flares were for, but with some light research I'm 99% sure they are Celica works flares. It's definitely going to take some work to get the contour to match the car, as well as lengthening to the rear section to sit lower. Went ahead and made a really rough template for a side skirt idea. You may have notice the big wing on the back of the car in the past couple post, but here's a better view. Definitely drew inspiration from the silhouette cars and other cars in Japan. Now, if your thinking it looks too tall, then were on the same page, here soon I'm gonna chop it down a couple inches. Last week I scored a broken Z28 spoiler for five bucks, within half an hour I was cutting up and getting it familiar with its new home on my trunk. The ducktail will get molded into the body. Another thing I did was shave the drivers wiper off. Mainly to match the cars in japan where its a bit more popular to do the single wiper. Might not be the safest thing to do to a car, but the window seals leak in the rain anyway, so I guess this be sunny car only. I'll end on this, one of my favorite little touches I've done. The Pabst Japanese logo they had on the cans a couple years ago made the perfect center to the new steering wheel.
  2. Forgot to mention that before the car was painted black, it was featured on an episode of Hagerty's "Barn Find Hunter" series on youtube. Skip ahead to around 9:45 if your only interested in my car but its well worth watching to here about some other awesome builds.
  3. Sure has been awhile since this thread has been updated. The car went a couple years without changing much, but in the past month I've been making progress. Before I get into what I've been working on recently, let me fill in the gap from where I last left off. When I left off, I had just painted the car and driven to Import Alliance in 2017. A month later I packed up my garage and moved to Kansas to go to McPherson College, to get my degree in restoration. The car didn't change much during this time, other than the addition of fender mirrors and the oil cooler. I had a free weekend and decided to do something with the old osb that I had been using as a "trunk mat". I found some dirt cheap flooring material and mounted up some box speakers I had been saving for a few years. I spent the winter of 2017/2018 pulling the motor and fixing a nice sized hole in the strut tower, then shaving some stuff from the bay, and ending it all by painting it silver. Unfortunately many photos of the process were lost but here's what I have. Then I took the car to my school's annual car show. Once the motor had been reinstalled, I drove the car for a month or so and parked it until the following semester. Starting in fall 2018 I decided it was time to go back and fix the mistakes I made in high school. I sanded the body back and began fixing the body yet again. I did this because I realized some aspects of the modifications I had done in the past had been botched from lack of better knowledge, and quite honestly being a kid that just wanted it done without looking at the long-term or bigger picture. With our school's annual car show fastly approaching I threw some cheap spray paint on it to make it one color and spent some time cruising it around our small town here in Kansas. The car was soon parked and sat nearly untouched for eight months, until I finally got some motivation and last month I began putting hours back into this car. Starting off with something I've wanted to do since I bought the car. I went ahead and de-tinted the car along with peeling the stickers off the quarter windows. Thanks for tuning in for now, but I'm even more excited to share the bigger things I've done recently. Unlike last time I promise I will update this in a more timely fashion lol.
  4. I measured the wear on the synchros, and they're surprisingly in great shape. The trani had way to much play and I found the culprit, but I'm now looking for the gaskets and bearings. I'm rebuilding the truck for a customer and he would like the engine and drive-train to be completely rebuilt after sitting since the mid eighties. Where would be a good place to look for individual gaskets, I've seen whats on Datsunparts.com but their prices just seem outrageous, especially for the bearings. I'm sure this has been asked before but I was drawing a blank when searching for it.
  5. So, I'm in the process of rebuilding a F4w63 out of a 68 520. I currently have the trani completely disassembled and ready to go back together, but the problem is I cant find a rebuild kit for it anywhere online. If anyone knows where I might be able to find one, that information would be greatly appreciated!
  6. FullSizeRender (16) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Buy good quality wrap not ebay lol
  7. That trucks looks sweet dude!! Can't wait to see it running and driving
  8. Well I actually have a 4 speed that I was planning on swapping in lol I got it for free when I bought an l16 for parts
  9. Not planning on swapping the motor but I am currently working on pulling the motor so I can convert it to manual, I just need the pedals. But hoping to rebuild the top end and throw on a sidedraft this winter. Also glad to hear you've enjoyed the build, and yea I may have messed somethings up and done things wrong the first time but with every problems comes a new opportunity for me to learn about the car
  10. unfortunately I don't have any pictures from doing the rest of the bodywork/shaving. FullSizeRender (19) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr A friend and I painted this summer with some cheap single stage and it turned out pretty good for a $100 paintjob done in a barn FullSizeRender (21) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Yes, the gas cap is on it now More to come later this month
  11. Y'all ready for an update? Shortly after my last post in the thread the car was running again. I drove it around for a couple months without really doing anything to it and took it down to Import Alliance 2016. FullSizeRender (13) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr After I got back from IA 2016 started doing rust repair and body work to get it ready for the 2016 fall meet. FullSizeRender (14) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr FullSizeRender (14) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr I decided to wrap the car for the fall meet, the reason I made this decision was because I wanted it to be one color and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than a paint shop. FullSizeRender (16) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Of course I went with the cheapest wrap I could find on the interwebs....yes I know I'm retarded lol FullSizeRender (17) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr Peeled the wrap off and drove it like that for a little while FullSizeRender (18) by muddogduffey@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr
  12. check my thread for a new update on the car
  13. new update: car is currently getting fixed at a shop getting fixed professionally by another Datsun owner. been doing more research on motor work o learn more and having people teach me more about motor work although ill prefer to stick bodywork and paint lol. planning on doing things more correct this year, fixed the broken window, do more maintence, not driving it like an s13 and more importantly the rear springs are back in :thumbup: . once i get the car back i will be patching rust holes, fixing dents, and painting the car. thanks for the advice!!! more to come later
  14. thanks sooo much banzai!! I'm still new to working on motors as this is the only one I've worked on lol. But I never thought about that being on backwards. Time go fix it
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