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H165 LSD help!!!


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Got two of these guys in a trade.  Installed the first one and it seems to slip a lot.   Any ideas on the brand or where to get more clutches?  Installing the second one this weekend but would like to fix the other for my ute.    

Thanks guys!  






















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HAHA yeah that was the tag on the diff.  Swapped out the center for the LSD because I didn't want 4.6 gears in my truck haha.  The lot came with 4 diff's.  2 welded and 2 LSD's.   3.7's 4.11's 4.38's and 4.6's  I might be a little off on the exact numbers but either way lots of gears to choose from.  I would like the 3.3's for my truck if anyone has some laying around they don't want :)   


How do I tell if it's Nismo? 

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None of the larger Nismo LSDs I've had ever had anything stamped on them.


Nissan/Nismo seldom made their LSDs, but were made by outside vendors.

(used to know who, but those brain cells died a long time ago)

That's why their helical gear, viscous, and clutch LSDs all have the same appearance as those from other manufactures.

I would bet that if Nissan can't find clutch plates, a Subaru dealer can, as they still use the R160, and R180 in many of their cars.

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One simple trick to gain breakaway pressure is to flop all of the concave discs upside down and clamp the unit back together. I don't know why this works, but it does. It has something to do with the contact patch of the spring discs. Getting the unit back together without problems is tricky after you flop the discs as now the last couple discs are not located in the main housing and can turn while the cap is being tightened down. It's hard to explain, but once you've got it apart, you'll see what I mean.


One piece of advice: before you disassemble the unit, stake the two halves so that they go back together in the same place. If the carrier is warped even minutely, and the phasing isn't the same going together as before it was taken apart, it can cause runout.


Also, be sure to check for burrs inside the clutch housing and smooth everything out while you have it apart. Clutches hang up inside if there are burrs or ridges.

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And if you're really brave, you can machine a few thousandths out of one side of the unit while it's apart. This will lessen the distance between the clutch contact surfaces making all the clutches tighter. I used to do this, but that was back when replacement parts were available and these units were not so scarce.

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Truck are all 29 spline, except earlier L320? that were 13 tooth.


Cars, including 810/Maxima wagon with the H190 are (usually) 23 spline with the exception of the '81-'82 S110 200sx and the '84 S12 200sx that both had the H-190 differential and were 29 spline same as trucks.


29 spline



23 spline



13 spline


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