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How about an ad campaign?


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So I won a couple auctions for some pamphlets, brochures, sales books from way back in the day.  They are too neat to keep to myself so I figured I will share them over time as I scan them in and edit out the worst scratches, stains, bends and such from them.  I'm not hard set on this, but I'm thinking maybe a scan a week will be a nice goal.  Keep in mind I'm not a professional document restorer, I don't have the fanciest of scanners, these documents are >40 years old, and ultimately I'm just doing this just for shits and giggles.  Hopefully as this goes on I'll get better at it.


The one dilemna I was/am having is I really do not want to see these downloaded and then printed by someone that is going to make a profit off of them.  I apologize up front, but to stop this I'm going to keep the uploaded files a little smaller in size, but not too small that they aren't plenty enjoyable on a computer. Honestly, I don't even know if they are small enough to stop this. 


In any case, I hope someone gets enjoyment out of this!  I know I enjoy seeing them.

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Awesome stuff Draker!!! If anyone has any other ads, add them to the thread.


I had some extra time tonight and needed a little decompression time after work so I worked on another. This was folded a pamphlet... it's the inside "spread." I took out the fold lines as best As I could.



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Well, this thread is on hold for a minute.  I have to get a new scanner.  I have an old all-in-one printer that I had pulled out of the closet to scan with, but all the ads won't fit in it past what I've scanned already.  I'll have to get a flat bed, the one I have now has a raised control panel on the side and the hinges for the top on the long side of the paper so it is essentially making it impossible to scan larger things and splice them together.

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