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Damaged hood supports


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There is a thread started by Rick-rat that gets a bit heated. He used a product called Goop. After 6 months he reported it worked fine. There were lots of opinions expressed there though. It's either in the body section or the how to section.

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Most of us don't pay that much attention, it happens inside the door also.

All mine likely look like that, and I have no issues, so I just ignore the issue.


Not worried about the cosmetics but I have a wonky locked up hood hinge that is starting to crack and warp the hood.

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Goop won't fix this, needs some welding done to it, looks like the latch in the front is broken loose from the pic, also the last pic where the brace is in front of the mounting holes needs a little TLC

Initially I wanted to tack it up but I was concerned with the thin gague of the steel, I asked a buddy of mine about it that does bodywork and he said I should not weld either.

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This came out of RickRat's thread.  



You don't want to use JB weld or weld it....at least not where the panel meets the cross brace(where the original adhesive was).  It's has to be a bit flexible.  JB will let loose or crack and welding will ruin the panel.  The tears can be carefully tig welded, but with the rust around the area, you'd be hard pressed to get it clean enough.  


Use that sealer/adhesive to glue the panel to the cross brace and you should be good to go.....just make sure you fix your hing first.

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