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80 200sx owner here!

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Hey friends! I've been here a while, I changed accounts because I couldn't remember my screen name and password. I also own a yellow 78 510 goon. It's been out of commission getting work done for a while now. In the meantime, I've picked up a 1980 200so and found out what a unicorn it is. It's all original, automatic, with the 2.0 NAPS-Z engine. Sweet car, the only thing it's missing is the weather stripping between the side window, and the door window. Kind of a rare care as I've come to find out.


Anyone have any insight as to where I could possibly link up to find exterior parts for it?


Also, does anyone know if a 15x8 +25 wheel will fit well on this car? I have an opportunity to get some through my company, but no real way to fit them before I buy.


Thanks in advance guys.

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Cant say much for finding parts for the s110.. there are some around so cal seen on Craigslist    i own an 80 hatch, bought with 5000 miles on it 4 years ago, finally put wheels on it 16" super advans. 1.25" spacers so fit pretty well.. only needed 3/4" for clearance wheel wells big still can make it rub , front blown struts..  new shocks in the rear help


 i could take measurements figure my offset?


 wanted to say whats up , mines all orig and complete , and i have a good local mech that worked alot on these cars. ive learned some about them, tough havent really got into any substantial work. might be able to help .. great gas mileage 

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Thanks for the info man. If you could figure out your offset, that would be awesome. Do they sit flush now?


I think I may have a line on a rubber company that might be able to remake the old window seals. I'm gonna try and check it out tomorrow and see what happens.

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Hahahaaaaaa. I'll have me up soon as it makes its way to my shop. Hopefully within the next couple days. If it's still at the PO's house, I'll swing by and snap a couple. Just think of the ugliest car imaginable, paint it flat silver with 14" steel wheels, and you have my car.

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there it is... nice lookin car, ive got the same color. hows that interior? leather , power windows , cruise control, talking lady? 


any way , bridge stone regno (japan only) on the rear , new run flat b stones not (sure what model)  on the front and flush with the body / fender flair , two fingers slide in . ha


so my cali model has some differences with engine, and im 5 speed . any way, i have a FSM if you have ??


ill do some pics too, anyone know super advan offset 

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Click link ,, click picture you want ,, right click,, select "copy image location" ,, click that green box under smiley face ,, paste in there,,, 


Ker-splat !!







Yous guys is fucked. The S110 looks great. Even better in black.

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So thinking.. You have less offset so less spacer.. A 1/4" should make those work, shit I bought my wheels first .. I went inch plus because my spacers hve recesced nuts , don't want to go to thick on spacer only , without upgrading bolts.. Changed my geometry for sure , some stress on steering and suspension prob.


Picture posting for newb? From phone? , cmon

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