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80 200sx owner here!

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The torque and hp are ALWAYS the same at 5252 PRMs. Torque is always higher than hp before 5,250 and lower than hp after. They always cross and match here. This graph is bogus





there it is... nice lookin car, ive got the same color. hows that interior? leather , power windows , cruise control, talking lady?




Wait, talking lady?



I think you are thinking of 'Bitchin' Betty' found on some years of 280zx. (don't think the sx had it) It was a woman's voice sound track with about 8? warnings for such things as not having seat belt on, door ajar, headlights left on....

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So thinking.. You have less offset so less spacer.. A 1/4" should make those work, shit I bought my wheels first .. I went inch plus because my spacers hve recesced nuts , don't want to go to thick on spacer only , without upgrading bolts.. Changed my geometry for sure , some stress on steering and suspension prob.


Picture posting for newb? From phone? , cmon



I don't have a PB account any more. I linked the album, what more do you who're want??!!


Hang on

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Right , I'll get on it. Just signed it to say "I got one unicorn too". Got carried away

Not really a social med type, only ratsun forums.. Can I start a thread with no pics? I am idiot

You can start a thread without pics.

It will be 3 pages long with every post asking for pics.



Load all your photos to photobucket.

C/P the IMG code to the post box below.


Works from PC or phone.

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Hey Unicorn Onwer

Count me in! I too am a member of the club! I've got an early production number of the 80 Federal hatchback model with four plugs (and why do they have to change production parts within the same year model??? What a hassle ensuring I have the right parts.  lol ) with the big square tail light lenses vs. the connected rectangular ones.


Some elderly couple without kids bought it new and always kept it maintained at a dealership and garaged at home. They both passed away over time. A neighbor saw it for sale as part of their estate and researched it online and noticed it was advertised by Nissan to get close to 40 mpg! He bought it up right away for son who had just started college.  The son took one look at it and said "no way." The father told him to drive it first before he decides thinking he'd be hooked.  At the time the thermostat was stuck open and it burned really rich all the time. The kid drove it around the block, smelled how rich it was,  and refused to drive it further. His loss is my gain!  I put i a new thermostat to get it to pass CA smog check. Now it doesn't burn rich any more, is much more responsive, and it gets 31 MPG before I've even had a chance to adjust the valves or perform any tune up checks.


Mine doesn't have any fancy leather like yours, no moon roof, & no cruise control, but it is a nice blue with blue fuzzy cloth interior, orig hubcaps, Power brakes, Power windows, and AC. (I'm still trying to get one control cables to work and stay in adjustment so I can recharge the AC now that I've found a rebuilt compressor on Ebay. Unfortunately it also has a mild sticker design overlaid on the paint  that is hanging in there, may as well "use it" till I lose it."  And I'm still not sure if I'll put the venetian blinds back on the back window since they rattle over bumps.


My 620 KC  is classic fun to drive, but this thing is a real blast to drive with fuel injection and coil-overs. Even the cassette still works, I don't have but one old blues tape I found in a box of old crap, but it still works and sounds good! lol  And... I love the "new technology" at the time... a joy stick mounted in the dash for speaker separation instead of a collar on a radio post, or slide switch. It cracks me up. Can't wait to get the orig elec antenna unit working so I can use the up/down switch on the dash. 


My only complaint... between the venetian blinds and and the tiny elec square mirrors it is really  really hard to see out of backing up. Its a good thing it will turn a really tight circle, especially with power steering!  It ain't got no bouncing "Bitching Betty" but it does have an annoying door bell chime that rings when you leave the key in it or the door ajar. Besides the AC and the elec antennae it's the only thing that doesn't work... because i disconnected it.  :thumbup: 


Currently at work, but I might be able to post pics later tonight.

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