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gatoland BBQ #1 3/13/2016 Pasco, WA


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They're only 50 bucks a corner! What pound and length do you need? I have some extras.

I'm also extremely lazy. If I'm tearing the suspension apart I mind as well put the adjustable lca's on and if I do that j need to buy a camber caster tool and some toe plates.



What I'm trying to say is I'm cheap lazy and not driving to the fucking dry shitties on a Sunday.

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mark me down , I wont be very mobile but I will be there . 


O and nanners , I promise not to bring any Datslocos t shirts or stickers to give away ...   :poke:



Maybe if you simply drove a ,,,, get this ,,,,,,,,,, DATSUN to a Datsun meet , this time ,, there Audi boy.

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I think , Tdaaj is talking about a different swap meet so he can fund going to this event ,, and the ibuprofen is because his leg is all fucked up to drive the clutch very far..   If no ibuprofen he drives that fucked up honda suv thing cuz it's an automatic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and no-one really wants that.



Again ,,,,,,,, :sneaky:

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