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  1. Thanks gato for the food and the funny stories you and hobo shared lol. Next time we will have to cruise down Kennewick not pasco! Lol
  2. Good thing I didn't bring the goon
  3. It was nothing but rain the whole way from Yakima to tricities
  4. Sweet text me ur address please. Panzon is a character that's y lol
  5. i dont think rene is going. he flaked
  6. I have worked full time since the age of 16 and been the head of the house since my parents divorce and then got married at age 23 and been the only one that works full time. my wife and i started saving money for a down payment a couple of months ago because we were thinking of eventually buying a home. do to the landlord needing us out sooner than expected we didnt have enough for a down payment. rent is more expensive than actually buying a home, so if we went and rented a home we would be able to save for a down payment. so i went and investigated on what were my options. i dont want to se
  7. technically they let u borrow it so can give something down. but then u have to pay it back.
  8. yeah lol but i need to take it to qualify for the state program that helps cover some of the down payment. $5000 since its the first time i purchase a home.
  9. i doubt isaac is. but rene told me he was going. my bro in law is thinking about it
  10. I won't be able to join until Saturday after 2pm cause gotta be at a first time homebuyer class till then. But my wife and I will be there
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