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gatoland BBQ #1 3/13/2016 Pasco, WA


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She's ready. Fired 'er up today. 



Somethin special about the smell of fresh cut grass and dead cow burning. 

Mmm, mmm. Come get some. 




Where do you put the coals in that thing??












........I can't make it.......


.................I got a flat......

































............gato....... :P

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Gas is for daily use. Charcoal is for weekends.


At my house at least. We barbecue at minimum twice a week. At times 5 or 6. My dad raised me well. We didn't even have an oven most of my life. My dad perfected the BBQ birthday cake. (Dutch oven). I've never had better.


That's a pretty bbq flatcat. Looks like it needs to get dirty.


(Soak some mesquite or other wood overnight in water. Wrap in foil. Put in gas grill while you cook. Ends up giving a better taste than coal in my opinion. But not what some crave in that Classic bbq taste only coal delivers).

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I may have to bail on Sunday Keith.  Not because my tire is flat, but because I only have 4 weekends until the first autocross event, and Betty White doesn't have a motor in her yet.  Or a wiring harness.  Or a transmission.  I think I may be forced into the garage and getting a shitload done in a hurry.

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