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521 pickup dash cap project


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So I have a 521 and of course my dash pad was cracked all to heck..So I worked with a shop that makes some fiberglass parts for me and we made a mold from my dash pad and popped out a new dash cap. I was messing with it the other day to check fit etc..not done yet but getting there...







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Cap is at the (new) painter (with my truck). It will be painted soon and I will post pics. Not sure if I should post on this thread or start a new one here or classifieds? For now I want to know how many people would be interested in a cap. Pricing should be approx. $100-$125 plus shipping. Also depends on how much interest there really is..I sell parts for another make/model and I had dozens of people contact saying they wanted a particular part and once I was done making it available they all scattered like roaches and only a handful actually followed through..so most likely I will do a pre-sale for the first run. Being everyones dash pad is going to be slightly different due to damage, shrinking etc.. these will require that you fit it to your dash..some sanding most likely will be required so these won't be a slap it on and your done part…but it isn't anything too hard..  

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Just the cap sitting in there..The old dash pad isn't mounted in. Again I will post pics up when I am done..If theres a demand I can make them..if not or its not satisfactory then no worries..So far I am liking it..but for sure I wouldn't offer them if I didn't like and use it myself..At this point I could pay and have it recovered because it is out but I wanted to try this out as it seems there is a need for ugly dash caps in 521's..


I will update soon..


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Well check back in a few weeks.. It's looking really good so far but I do want to complete the install..right now my windshield is out and I want to check install with the windshield in..I want to see how that goes and make sure theres no issues with the angle of the dangle…I think they call it R&D or something like that lol..

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