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  1. Bro just look for exit pin out of your engine and ecu Tap In to the wire there for your iacv It should be brown there number 113 on a 1991/94 Ka24de Hope this helps
  2. How much extra "poke" would you think it has
  3. Maybe u need some lube ; ) I would check the how much play is on the belt
  4. I was crazy to think about selling it so much I can still do to it, kind of the reason I always keep looking at your truck all the things that I can do to my truck like you! Amazing bro
  5. Make sure your MAF is in good condition or it will become a pain in the ass easy to fix by opening it up and soldering the pins ( they often crack there ) specially with Datsun vibrations It has tons of power ! Love my swap
  6. Don't know yet still breaking in the Evo Maybe I'll run them before I sell it see what happens
  7. Yeah I know I love the Datsun but the Evo x is my dream car and I don't know depends how it goes I might just end up keeping up
  8. Thanks for all the congrats guys I know how all you express your love 8)
  9. Yes I can keep it but I won't drive it and don't really have space
  10. Reason for sale I know u can relate peeps
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