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  1. Hello ram zoom r u still selling Datsun 521 truck dash caps? If u r send me a pic and price please.

  2. The shop I use for my parts is changing owners and the person that hand makes them as well as this dash cap mold is retiring. I am calling and pushing them to complete the revised mold. Once I have the mold and confirm pricing and availabilty I will post them up for sale. Sorry for long wait.
  3. Just decided to lean more stock I guess. I kept the buckets though...
  4. I am making them..were tweaking the mold to cover more of the dash pad. Plan to come down in front and wrap underneath. Should have the first one soon.
  5. Lol...yeah well...at least I followed through and got it done..been more than 5 months though..I said "soon" a couple times lol..
  6. The first cap in my truck is all done...just needs the metal vents installed. Went to black because I felt it was too much light green on the dash..needed to break it up a bit. I think it came out nice.
  7. Finished dash cap and installed...only need to snap in the metal vents..
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