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Datsun Billet Group buy interest?


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this place has the right stuff for custom axles




This place usually always have joints




Edit:  If i had a proper indexer I could make 4340 axle shafts.

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I'm currently working on a proto Throttle box for a Yamaha Raptor drag bike.


Batch of interior C pillar Vents


55mm billet Throttle Bodies with 14mm injector bungs.


Then R&D for a timing tension system.


$$ for bills has to trump R&D, but this is coming sooner than later :)

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I have been around a huge amount of chain driven farming equipment ever since i was born, running chains sometimes as long as 6 feet,, some high speed ( 2500-3500 rpm) low torque , some  low speed (100-200 rpm)  with lots of torque,,,,, my opinion is i would never put a bearing type idler pulley inside my engine, ever..

  The OG rubber lasts years and eventually you take it out ,, most of the time you could probably re-use.......... Bearing idlers have a sudden failure rate that makes them very unpredictable , at best.. No matter how much grease you use,,  most expensive bearings used,, long chain , short chain , it doesn't matter. The bearings don't always make noise but develop  extreme wobbles and the chain gets loose as hell,, and the metal shavings (dust)  are everywhere in just a few hours of use ,,, when bad.


My opinion,,, but 49 years of seeing it out in the open you can see what is happening first hand.

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I cant say that I would use this as a daily drive item. Show car, or race application only. Where there is inspection and much more rigorous maintenance on items like these. The lower chain drive pulley on this kit is oil bathed for lubrication. Utilizing the existing oil feed holes from the factory hydraulic guide. This is not your set and forget type of item.


I have the Kameari instructions and in bold letters says "Race application only".  

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