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Datsun Billet Group buy interest?


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I am placing this on the floor to kick around.


I have some spare time and material to knock out some production runs of Datsun Billet items.


What I am offering is a 25% discount off any of the single item price of any Billet part I make for Datsun.  Its the same discount I give to any of my manufacturing clients when 10+ items have been purchased.


I am also offering this discount on any item I could produce but have not already. Such as Camber Plates for various makes in the Datsun family. This would have a longer wait time for delivery and a thread for development purposes, but the offer would still carry 25% discount if enough people wanted in.


I make:


(510): RCA's,  R160-R180 Diff Covers,  CV adapters 930 / Type II,  Interior C Pillar Vents,  and 2 Door B Pillar Trim.


(B110-1200): RCA's,  Billet Control arms,  Billet windshield vent plates (Not the cowl scoops).


Anything Datsun can be made within reason. Please comment if you as a group have any interest with other Datsun makes. 10+ buyers would be required to get the large lot order discount.


If this materializes into a manufacturing purchase I would need a Ratsun member of good reputation ;) to champion the organization of the buy so I can focus on the production.


Thank you for interest.


Matthew D.




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So I looked up prices on idler duplex sprockets. 14 tooth 2.5" like on the system that shall not be mentioned are $46.00 each. That's before machining a bearing fit in them.


I can see why these units add up to $800 if the shopping isn't done right.


Unless the chain is 3/8 pitch then the sprockets are $25.00 each.

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